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your 2020 website checklist

Your 2020 Website Checklist

As the new year (and the new decade) approaches, here we provide you with a 2020 website checklist that you should have in place going forward. At a minimum, does your current website have the following in place to help ensure it’s success?

Mobile First
Arguably gone are the days where ‘mobile responsive’ was the buzz word surrounding website design. Now it is all about mobile first – meaning that websites should ideally be designed with the mobile user first and foremost in mind. The metrics and studies compound these conclusions, with recurring reports consistently showing that websites are accessed the majority of the time on mobile devices. So as part of your 2020 website checklist, make sure that your website is designed with this mobile focused mentality and not simply tweaked to simply ‘work’ on mobile devices. Rather, it should be made for them. Webheads can help with our custom website design services that adopt and attune to this mobile first approach for the online presence of your business.

High Quality Content
Far from just the word of choice for bloggers and YouTubers; content acts as the building blocks that support your business online and connect your target audience to it. Due to this importance, you should aim for it to be as high quality as possible when considering your 2020 website checklist. This means to ideally have your own images and photography (as high quality as possible but compressed as to not drag website speed down), your own high definition videos and copywriting that is crafted to draw the audience in and help get them on board with what your business offers (ideally three-hundred words per page here). These are the basic content pillars that should be in place on your website. Let us know if you would like our help to get them in place to keep traction coming to your business website.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked elements when it comes to business websites is the notion of keeping them consistently in use. In this instance we mean making sure that new content is added on a regular basis (such as with weekly blog entries), the backend of it (the coded part that is built behind the scenes) is checked and cleared of any bugs and updates etc. and that the speed is continuously optimised when and where possible. Not only do these elements greatly help with your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts; they also help to make an enjoyable user experience (UX) for your website visitors so that they like coming to and using your website. Talk to us today about our famed expert UX and how we can help to keep your website consistent and cohesive in 2020 and beyond.