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2020 app design trends

2020 App Design Trends

With millions of apps available and constantly updating to be the first and the best, the competition to earn a spot on the face of millions of smartphones is often intense. Here are some vital 2020 app design trends to embrace.

A well-known trend that seems to be here to stay is personalisation. Although 2020 has been described by many as the year of bright, bold and interactive; customisation and personalisation features in your design is what will win you the download. With so many other amusements and distractions going on in the digital world, apps that are tailored to the specific needs of the user is what is essential.

With the world of eCommerce taking the world by storm now more than ever, a successful site will incorporate a chat bot or a voice assistant into the design. Gone are the days where services are only available between the core hours of the week. Users are seeking instant gratification online and by having a chat bot, these AI powered tools have the ability to answer questions and queries at any time and in any location. Some even go the extra mile and offer a personal touch by notifying common users of the best deals.

Yet another of the 2020 app design trends to embrace is round shapes and corners throughout the user interface. We are seeing more and more of a natural and soft tone to many apps which is becoming much more appealing that most other design trends. Micro interactions are another important factor to consider when designing an app. These gestures are very small but carry a large amount of meaning for the users experience (UX) and they also bring a big impact on how your users continue to interact throughout the app. This trend has only grown in 2020 so far, where more organic and seamlessly integrated micro interactions have been noticed more than ever.

Quality illustrations are also an unexpected yet popular trend emerging in 2020. Actual artwork rather than pictures are proving to be very impactful for app users. Although it may sound old fashioned, this is where the appeal is stemming from. Users are very much enjoying old style and vintage artwork combined with technology.

Although this year might not have been as exciting as we had planned, 2020 app design trends have not held back. By considering some or all of these tips when designing an app in 2020, they might just win you the download and become the next most appealing app to users.