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Webheads / News / 11 Tips For Choosing A Web Design Agency
tips for choosing a web design agency webheads

11 Tips For Choosing A Web Design Agency

Choosing the right web design agency is a fundamental component to the success of your business. When your target audience visits your website, this is where they will begin to develop their first impression of your brand and what you are truly about. This is a great opportunity for your business and you want to ensure that you have made a positive impact overall.

Why is choosing the right web design agency so important?

Regardless of the industry that you are in, the online presence of your business will have a massive impact on your success rate. The majority of customers will Google your business before they even consider to make a purchase. If you choose the wrong web design agency, this could potentially lead to a poor design that does not win the approval of the user. This can lead to a negative impression which in turn means you will miss out on future business leads that your competitors will probably gain as they are more than likely already utilising a much better web design interface. Choosing a web agency to create the right web design for your business is so important as it will keep your leads on your page, it will generate good word of mouth for your brand through building trust and it will continue to drive more traffic over time. Your website design will play a vital role in your online marketing campaign’s success. If you are looking for a web design agency, Webheads have over twenty years of experiencing working on custom website design and have worked hard to become one of the best premium website agencies out there.

What you need to know to choose the right web design agency

1. Choose a company that aligns with your goals

For the best results for your online business, it is important that you team up with a web design agency that aligns with the goals of your business. With keeping this in mind throughout your search this will narrow down your search for the perfect fit. Through achieving goal or strategic alignment when choosing, this added advantage will ensure your brand message is communicated effectively online while also achieving the right culture fit. Here at Webheads we are passionate about learning all about our clients and their needs along with their business expectations and we work hard to ensure the experience is harmonious and successful from start to finish.

2. Finding an agency with multiple service offerings

Although many agencies specialise in niche markets, Webheads are proud to be able to offer multiple service offerings to our clients in all sectors and industries. Not only does this allow us to grow our client database, but it means that we are always able to keep our current clients satisfied and up to speed on the latest trends at all times. Finding an agency with multiple service offerings will ensure that your website design is always diversified and it will also save you time having to change from your web design agency in the future. Web design agencies with multiple service offerings are known as valuable partners that your business will utilise for years to come.

3. Do they have evidence of previous work?

Another key indicator to keep in mind when choosing a web agency for your business needs is to check if they have testimonials and a portfolio. Very quickly this will inform you if the agency in question is the right fit for you or not. Many web design agencies have an impressive portfolio that showcases their previous work along with the experience of the client. At Webheads we are very proud of our testimonials and have worked with some great brands over the years such as the BBC, Intel and WeWork, to name a few.

4. Are they keeping up to date with the industry?

With the world of web design moving so fast, you want to make sure that when you are choosing a web agency to design the best website for your business that they are up to date on the latest online trends. One of the best ways to learn this about a potential web design agency is to be familiar with the latest digital trends of 2021 and matching these with the service offerings of the agency. Through speaking with a representative from any agency you should be able to quickly tell if they are on the pulse of the trend, researching the next online movement and building a strong network.

5. Do they have a blog to share their expertise?

A key indicator to keep in mind when choosing the right web design agency is seeing whether they have a blog available that is sharing their experiences in the industry. Those that have a blog that shares their expertise engrains what they already know. By doing so this helps strengthen their knowledge about certain trends and offerings. An informative blog also supports their reputation as a reputable web design agency while also increasing their professional value. A web agency that shares their expertise opens up the floor to talk about it with others so this is a great indicator to a brand that is up to date and a leader within the industry.

6. Are they offering a bespoke approach to all projects?

An imperative tip when choosing the right web design agency for your business is to ensure that they are offering a bespoke approach to all of their projects. Not one business is the same and it is important that you are communicating with your customers in the best style that works for you and your brand. Webheads are well known for offering a diverse range of bespoke designs on time and on budget. We have evolved to offer a collection of services to clients to provide a robust and rewarding online presence for each and every client.

7. Do they understand how web design affects digital marketing?

Web design plays a key role in how your business is perceived online and it is fundamental that the web design agency you choose can leverage this to ensure that your business will thrive in this digital era. Web design greatly impacts your digital marketing strategy from branding, to search engine optimisation (SEO) to social media and more. Throughout your search you must ensure that your chosen agency is up to speed on digital marketing and can provide examples on how they can best drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately many web design agencies still lack the resources to take their clients forward with online marketing in terms of design so be sure to ask lots of questions around this.

8. Do they have real reviews from legitimate customers?

Before teaming up with a web design agency, never assume that all of their customer reviews are legitimate. Unfortunately many service providers have been known to manipulate their online reviews to make it appear as though they have received outstanding ratings. A tip to identify the integrity of reviews would be to look out for suspicious language. Some reviews might be over the top about a certain offering where similar phrases and information can be repeated. Be sure to always check the dates of reviews and pay more attention to the three and four star reviews. Too many five star reviews can sometimes raise some questions.

9. Can you talk to a senior member of staff?

Choosing a web agency takes time and research and it is important that you have the opportunity to get to know the people that could potentially be building your online presence. To make sure that you are making the right choice sometimes you may need to have a deeper discussion with a senior member of staff. This is a normal request and a good reputable agency should meet this request immediately. If you cannot talk to a senior member of staff this can show signs that a particular agency lacks compassion for your digital needs. At Webheads we make sure that all your questions are answered and we are passionate about providing whatever time it may take to ensure your needs are met.

10. Do they seem too good to be true?

Unfortunately there are many online services that can appear to be too good to be true. You want to ensure that you are communicating with web design agencies that have real industry experience and a sound understanding of what your pain points and needs are. A tip would be to ask for some examples based on success of a conversion goal that is similar to yours. Another key indicator that will highlight if they are too good to be true would be to get an understanding of what tools they are using in business. If an agency state that they can provide you extremely quick results, unfortunately this particular web design agency might be too good to be true.

11. Do they practice what they preach?

When choosing the right web design agency for your online business needs you want to make sure that the agency practices what it preaches. Some firms simply utilise their online platform as a shop window and in fact operate much differently behind the scenes. Working with a web agency that has a strong alignment between what their website says and how they operate is essential for the success of your website design. Some key indicators to figure out if an agency practices what they preach is to play close attention to their leadership styles and ethical practices.