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Webheads Win the EAW Website Project

With a love for music and having custom designed numerous music industry and related websites, the Webheads team were really enthusiastic when applying for the tender to custom design the website for Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). Offering acoustic solutions to create what they call “a perfect sound canvas” for any space, they needed an integrated web team who could keep the goals for their web presence in clear focus at all times. In tandem with this, they also needed an agency that they could rely on to deliver what they promise both on time and on budget; Webheads were the perfect choice. We won the tender.

It really was a perfect fit from the start, with the Webheads team being poised and primed to work intelligently with the specialist audio technology that EAW deal in and also to deliver the project on a global scale. Within their custom website design (which was built to be adaptive and responsive to both desktop and mobile devices), we were able to delve into the core of what EAW do – showcasing their product range, their software, their support systems and their abundance of case studies that span acts, events and venues around the globe. With our understanding and proficiency within global business, our custom website design was curated to appeal to this worldwide audience in a way that they could appreciate (the website was designed to be multilingual) and respond to. This involved using classically captivating website design techniques and presentation in a contemporary format brimming with innovation, flair and finesse.

To distil the expertise of the specialist technology that EAW use, we utilised a media-rich approach to portray it in action. This combined both imagery and video and helped to visually demonstrate the specialist technology while ample access to the likes of documentation libraries, videos and their full line catalogue bolstered this even further. What helped too was the time we spent deleting any older and dated content that was no longer relevant. In fact all it was doing was dragging down the SEO score of the website in that it had never been updated or optimised for best practice SEO in quite some time. With this, the content strategy utilised during this custom website design project also stabilised and turbocharged the entire search engine optimisation score for the website. The results were nothing short of stunning and provided EAW with the turbocharged web presence of their dreams.

Working with EAW was yet again another resounding success and perfect partnership for us here at Webheads. It was great for us to be able to indulge our love of music and passion for custom website design with an iconic brand that welcomed the process and were genuinely grateful throughout every stage of the journey. Bryn Richards of EAW sums the experience up best as he says: “Webheads offer a formidable skillset that goes well beyond the typical website agency. From the beginning we were impressed by their ability to get under the skin of our offering, enabling us to develop our content and formulate effective strategies for targeting our global audience at every level.”

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