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We hope that you and your loved ones are all keeping well and staying safe during these difficult times with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. As accurate, correct and trusted information is so important at a time like this; we wanted to let you know that we have launched an online community hub to help achieve exactly this. Therefore if you visit you can see this for yourself and immerse yourself in information such as news pieces, activities in the local area, community aid available and how you too can help.

This community hub website is designed to be a source of information for you to rely on, safe in the knowledge that those behind-the-scenes are working hard to ensure you have access to resources and information to help you and your loved ones with any information you may be looking for. As the websites are designed responsively (meaning that they display and work correctly on both desktop and mobile devices), it means that they can be accessed and utilised by a wide spectrum of users – therefore placing a level of accessibility at the forefront.

So please make sure to visit and use the community hub website as you may just discover something in the form on an upcoming activity or community aid initiative that can be exactly what you need right now. It can also act as a source of comfort for many as it acts as a digital space online that can represent your community while neighbours and friends cannot physically interact or be with each other like in ‘normal’ times. With this in mind, it represents the best of both worlds – with our current level of technology and devices allow many of us to access the internet and the close knit bonds of communities being represented online as a reflection of their togetherness (even when physically apart).

We'd love to talk to you more about your project

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