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Cloud Essential Training and Cloud Computing Insight

Webheads has just launched Cloud Essential the first of two websites for this leading Cloud computing training and Solutions company. Cloud Essential provides Cloud Computing and Private Cloud briefings, events and training on a global scale.

They offer Senior Executive briefings and coaching as well as Management bootcamps on Cloud Computing and Private Cloud. Webheads created a bespoke delegate training registration and an integrated CRM system. The website also uses Webheads bespoke CMS system allowing their team to update content throughout the website.

What is Cloud Computing?

There is much discussion about Cloud Computing, Private Cloud, Virtualisation and Software-as-a-Service, what they are and how organisations can benefit from them. Cloud Computing refers to shared computing resources accessed remotely as services (via the Internet, Intranet, dedicated network etc), that can be provisioned “on demand” and billed according to usage, also known as Hardware-as-a-Service.

Cloud Computing consists of:

  • The “Infrastructure Cloud”: runs from a large Data Centre providing the required levels of server capacity, storage space, network connection and middleware, with flexibility to increase or decrease capacity as required
  • IT Services or the “Service Cloud”: a public SOA from which the ISVs can create end user applications, IT web services and business related web services. Vertical Services are business related Web Services such as Billing or Unified communications
  • Software-as-a-Service or the “Application Cloud”: a software application that is licensed for use as a service provided to customers on demand

For more information on Cloud Computing and Private Cloud please visit Cloud Essential. Cloud Transform will be launching shortly.