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How Writing Sets your Project a Cut Above the Rest

The perfect website blends expert copywriting, pristine images and engaging video into one interactive web experience. Here we focus on the writing aspect and illustrate how descriptive text works online in terms of SEO and for creating a great website experience for your visitors.

Writing for Images

While a picture can say 1,000 words, it has a limited vocabulary so to speak. A picture of a product that you are selling on your website will show what the product looks like and how it can be used in real life settings; but it cannot show you the price for example without relying on text to do so. Therefore images and graphics are often constructed with text superimposed over them to provide the complete picture to those who view it.

Writing for SEO

Google habitually scans websites to read their content to help decide where websites should rank on the search engine results page. But Google reads text – it does not watch your videos to see what content they contain for example. Therefore in terms of SEO, your website text is of vital importance for Google to detect your chosen keyword and terms. These can be placed in text within the bodies of your webpages, in their headers, headlines, URLs, meta descriptions and even in the alternate text fields of images. When it comes to optimising your organic SEO, implementing your text correctly is vital.

Writing for Information

A somewhat self-explanatory but nonetheless very important point. The text on your website should be written to make sales by providing your visitors with the information that they need. Relay to them information that will fulfil their needs when they search online and reach your website. This involves ensuring that your text is linked to your chosen keywords and terms. Below, we give an example of this in action for a website design Webheads developed and deployed for Coles Pens.

Writing for Websites – Coles Pens

The expressive and classic website design for Coles Pens was buttressed by a simple and clear writing style. Not only did this help the website stay afloat in the SEO rankings, but it also let visitors know what the company does and what they sell without any confusion. Whether a corporate or the casual consumer, it is clearly shown and understood that they offer embossing services and Italian-crafted calligraphy sets for example.