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Why our Travel Website Designs Work

While we here at Webheads create custom website designs for businesses of all shapes and sizes from every sector; our travel website designs deserve a special mention. With designs launched for countries and cities all around the world, Webheads make travel websites the ultimate destination. Here we explore some of our many successful travel website designs and explain why they worked so well – for both the client and the customer.

To showcase the cityscapes and country escapes for each destination, high quality photography and imagery punctuate each of the designs. This means that the likes of the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony in Cape Town, South Africa can be brought to life and act as a visual draw for visitors of the Cape Town Pass website to convert. Likewise to highlight the charming Suomenlinna Toy Museum in Helsinki, images of the trinkets and toys attract visitors and pique their interest. We know that while selections of high quality images can look great; they can also place a drag on website loading speeds. That is why we optimise images where necessary, without losing their quality, so that they can display and load beautifully. This offers the best of both worlds and makes sense while website visitors are looking to explore the world.

Form and function always go hand in hand with each of our custom travel website designs. By simply landing on the New York Pass website, visitors are greeted to a clean interface that presents everything that they need above the fold. This includes key points of information, facts and figures to help them convert and push them towards the visible ‘Buy Now’ button in the top right-hand corner. Planning a trip to Vienna? The header of their custom website features a welcoming yellow colour scheme that highlights their customer reviews, star rating and a highly visual ‘Buy Now’ button also. Just below this, incredible imagery of Vienna plays on a slideshow to help further the appeal.

Our custom travel website designs are always built with a dedicated user experience (UX) at the forefront. Take a trip to the London Explorer Pass website and visitors can choose to read the website in either English, French, German or Spanish. All of our websites are built to be mobile responsive and as such they facilitate visitors from all around the world, no matter what device they choose to use. As a premier web agency, we work both for the end user (i.e. your potential customers) and for you the client. That is why all of our custom website designs are always delivered on time and on budget.

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