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What’s the best CMS system

The team at Webheads are real coders who create beautiful bespoke websites for all of our clients. As such, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that WordPress is our preferred content management system (CMS). In the web design arena, WordPress had somewhat of a marked reputation for being a mere blogging tool. Yet times have changed and so here we explain why it has become our preferred CMS at Webheads – taking a look at WordPress and the many benefits it brings to the table for both our clients and their customers.

We’re often asked, “what’s the best CMS system?”. Of course, there’s not a straightforward answer. Webheads have been creating CMS websites for over 20 years. Being real coders we have our own Webheads CMS system. A bespoke, streamlined, PHP based system but this isn’t always the best solution for a client needs and we’re not here to reinvent the wheel if it’s not needed.  Rather than the likes of the somewhat outdated and resource hungry, Drupal or Joomla CMS systems, we use WordPress as a CMS framework. What we build into this framework is a fully bespoke and uniquely coded website – the design and coding is always bespoke. So why WordPress? We believe that it is the easiest CMS for our clients to use. After we create a custom and responsive within WordPress, we hand it over to our clients to use and take control of. Accessing the backend and adding and/or editing a page to a website is very easy and accessible with WordPress. Clients appreciate this ease-of-use especially if they do not have a very technical background and are unfamiliar with the backend dashboard of a website. A simple plugin can also allow clients to take a full backup of their website; so even if they make a major mistake it is easily restored.

The straightforward nature of WordPress means that the Webheads team can save time by using the streamlined framework to design and deploy some truly amazing bespoke website designs. We can of course design and deploy on other CMS as per client request; but we find that the somewhat unnecessary bells and whistles on other CMS can slow the process down a bit. The speedier timeframe which WordPress allows means that the website design is less costly as it is completed quicker. Therefore clients are able to invest in the likes of other services such as search engine optimisation and pay-per-click sales and marketing strategies to increase hits and conversions. With anything in terms of business and projects, who wouldn’t appreciate saving both time and money? WordPress allows for expedited timeframes while still sticking to budget without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. As Webheads work both on time to deadlines and to budget, WordPress is a perfect fit for us.

Security is obviously of paramount importance within website design (especially for eCommerce sites which process card details and payments). WordPress is arguably one of the most secure CMS available as its latest iteration (WordPress 4) has had less security patches and updates in comparison to its counterparts and competitors. We can also create for you a custom admin areas for  an extra layer of security keeping your website that bit further away from hackers and compromising situations. With this, the access and security of your website is left in the correct and capable hands of you and your colleagues. Another positive facet we have to remember here is that WordPress was first released back in 2003. Thirteen years online has seen it weather the various security storms that have hit the web over the years and not get blown away at all by the winds of change.