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What Makes a Good eCommerce Website Design?

When wondering what makes a good eCommerce website design, the Webheads team have all of the answers. With over twenty years of experience designing and deploying custom eCommerce website design projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes; we make sure that each eCommerce website has these three crucial elements.

Speedy Service
Not only are slow loading times and website speeds annoying, they could also be costing your business money. When people shop online on an eCommerce website, they simply have to click / tap on the back button to go back to the search engine results page (SERP) to go to one of your competitors’ websites if yours is too slow. Subpar speeds are detrimental within every area of eCommerce websites – from scrolling through product catalogues to processing payments. With a custom website design by Webheads however, you don’t have to worry about this. Our designs are optimised for speed because we take the time to action the details that matter such as image compression, building custom code and making sure your website is hosted on the server most suitable for its traffic and needs.

Mobile Responsiveness
As we know, most online shopping now happens on mobile devices as the internet is available to use through our smartphones, tablet computers and more. It goes without saying than that every eCommerce website should be built to be mobile responsive and primed to perform on these devices. Having a mobile optimised website not only offers your customers and potential customers alike more opportunities to shop with you; but it also means you exercise both best fit and best practice eCommerce acumen as you can be assured that your competitors do. All of the custom website designs at Webheads are built to be mobile responsive. We empower our clients with beautiful and fluid designs that are a joy to use – attracting their customers to become loyal clientele.

Clear Checkout
While people generally enjoy perusing products and choosing what to buy, the checkout process can be a source of annoyance for them – and not just because they have to part with money. Checkout processes that are overly complicated and not designed with the user in mind (known as user experience or UX) can cause website visitors to abandon their shopping carts in frustration. To simplify and streamline the process, you could offer your potential customers the option to checkout as a guest (therefore not having to sign-up as a subscriber etc.) and / or the option to pay in many methods such as with card and PayPal options etc. Webheads work with you to decide on the best checkout process for your business and we have partnered with Braintree payment systems to offer our clients a robust and seamless payment gateway for their eCommerce website design.