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What is UX? User Experience Explained

UX stands for user experience and in terms of website design, it details how website visitors react and respond to your website overall. As you can imagine, a ‘good’ UX can help buttress many key metrics such as time spent on pages and all important conversions; while a ‘bad’ UX can contribute to higher bounce rates and lower engagement overall. Here we explain UX in more detail and demonstrate how Webheads are experts in the UX arena.

What Makes for a Good User Experience
What is UX is what is important to your website visitors. Not neglecting to cover website basics for example goes a long way towards a positive user experience. Ensuring that your website has swift loading speeds, is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices and is not full of broken links are solid starting points here. Digging a bit deeper, elements of a website that make for an easy and pain-free experience also include knowing what your visitors are looking for, what they expect and demonstrating your credibility as a business online. Webheads specialise in this by creating our custom website designs with a six part ‘What is UX?’ checklist:

• Useful: Content should be original and fulfil a need
• Usable: The website must be easy to use
• Desirable: Images, branding and other design elements are used to evoke emotion and appreciation
• Findable: Content needs to be easily navigated and discoverable onsite and offsite
• Accessible: Content needs to be accessible to people with disabilities
• Credible: Users must trust and believe what you tell them

Our approach is inspired by the thinking of Peter Morville – a pioneer in the disciplines of information architecture. With Webheads on your side, you are assured that your custom website design is infused with a stellar and considered UX. This is designed, deployed and implemented by our expert integrated web team with Webheads leading the way in custom website design and UX since 1994.

What Makes for a Bad User Experience
Think of you yourself when visiting a website. What frustrates you? When you cannot find what you are looking for? When the messaging is not clear and makes you question things instead of answering them? When contact information and / or opening hours are out of date etc.? The list goes on. The search engine results page (SERP) is a competitive place and if your website has a bad UX and frustrates your visitors; they will simply click / tap on the back button and visitor a competitor website instead. With a colossal amount of shopping done online, a business website can often be the first point of contact that shoppers have with a brand. If this causes a bad first impression, by extension this visitor will have an ingrained bad first impression of the brand. As such, the knock-on effect of something like broken links can cause potential customers to allude your business. Likewise if your website is not accessible for people with disabilities or if it is not responsive to different device types; the only word-of-mouth promotion it will gain will be tainted in a negative aspect.

The Webheads UX
Webheads are proud to offer an expert UX as part of our custom website designs or if your current website needs an upgrade. Our integrated web team work together to ensure that every UX touchpoint is optimised and turbocharged to perform for your business both online and offline. This is an invaluable investment that will manifest into tangible sales, brand loyalty and promoters of your business offering as a whole. They say that it takes ten years of habitually repeating something to become an expert in it. In this train of thought and with Webheads being founded back in 1994, you could that that we are UX experts twice over.