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Why Website Visitors Respond to Quality Content

You will hear time and time again that when it comes to a positive SEO presence for your website, quality content will always be top of the list. This is not simply a rule imposed by Google that we must adhere to, but rather a pre-requisite for website visitors to have their needs fulfilled when searching online for something.

Quality content is the deciding factor as to if a website is ‘good’ or not to serve its intended purpose. Note how the word ‘content’ is used here as opposed to quality text or quality graphics. You know yourself when you browse online that you are looking for something. In particular, you are using the internet to empower you by answering your question and/or fulfilling your need. This could be achieved by a block of text, an image or a video etc. As part of the WebHeads portfolio, we have designed and launched websites for the Dublin Pass, Las Vegas Pass, London Pass and Vienn a Pass websites.

Information and accessibility were the aims with all of these websites and this formed the crux of their quality content. Aimed at tourists to the respective cities; the websites are brimming with informative content to appeal to these tourists. This fulfills their needs and provides the answers to the questions that tourists would have searched for such as “How much are museum entry fees in Dublin?” and “What is the public transport system in Vienna?”

To gauge if your website content features good quality characteristics or not, it helps to pretend that you are a potential customer of your business browsing it’s website. Pretend you are targeting the search phrase “gold jewellery London.” Does the website feature pictures, text, video content and blog posts etc. in relation to this? For somebody searching to buy gold jewellery in London, would the website be regarded as a useful resource (and would they become a potential customer of yours) or would they bounce due to not seeing any quality content relevant to the search? Remove any understandable bias that yours is a good website and assess whether it is satisfying the needs of those who visit it.

People appreciate and subconsciously gravitate towards this quality content. Because in today’s climate of text messages, app notifications and e-mail alerts all pinging on their mobile devices; a clear answer to their search query is always welcomed. Quality content will always trump quantity. For example think of how landing pages are meant to be clear and direct. It will also bypass flashy responsive effects when people are searching for something. Keep this in mind when getting your business website designed or when you or your colleagues are working on it – quality content always has been and always will be the most import factor on your website.

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