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Who are my Website Visitors?
We Can Tell You

Your website visitors are an essential source of information for furthering your business and gaining clients and customers. But rather than simply knowing how many visitors your website attracts by measuring hits, we can tell you so much more such as the origin of these visitors and what part(s) of your website they interacted with.

What is Lead Forensics?
Advanced B2B lead generation is available at Webheads through a software we offer (and use ourselves) called Lead Forensics. This lets you see who has visited your website, what content they looked at and how long they spent viewing it. Sound familiar to Google Analytics? Lead Forensics goes one step further by providing you with the company, contact name and contact details of the person visiting your site where possible and also tells how the visit history of each contact – even after they close down a session on your website. Kept all on a single dashboard, Lead Forensics makes B2B lead generation a manageable and effective part of your online digital marketing strategy. We at Webheads can tell you all you need to know about this cutting-edge software and provide you and your team with demonstrations and explanations as you need them.

How does this help my business?
This helps you and your business as it presents you with an active and ‘warm’ lead by showing you those who are visiting your website and what they are looking for/at. This has widespread beneficial use across all industries. For example you may sell electrical goods online and through Lead Forensics see that a manager for large national supermarket has visited your website three times looking at your bulk and commercial ordering webpages. With the data given to you by Lead Forensics, you can reach out to this manager and target their needs with your products. A simple call or e-mail can show just how much you can help this manager (and therefore your business): “Hi Joe, My name is Katie from Electrical Goods UK. I saw you have an interest in our commercial ordering items . . .”

How does this help me?
This helps you because it saves you both time and money when it comes to tangible and credible B2B lead generation. Instead of cold-calling and cold-e-mailing businesses, Lead Forensics allows you to flip this time consuming and often fruitless activity on its head by showing you the businesses and companies that already have an interest in your business. These warm leads are much more potent and viable to sell to as they have effectively made the first move and shown an interest by visiting your website. Stacking onto this, you could even set up e-mail automation flows to automatically contact relevant visitors the day after they visit your website. With the B2B lead generation information that Lead Forensics gives you, this automatic e-mail can be personalised to feel less rigid and robotic as you will have the name(s) and relevant content to use within the merge field tags.

The visibility that we can give to your business allows you to target any leads and directly appeal to their needs. For example, we can show you that a major supermarket chain may have arrived to your website and looked at your ‘Services’ page after browsing for ‘buy handmade scarves in bulk’ online. With this information, you can now reach out to the buying department and appeal to their need which drove them to visit your website. You may notice that your blog posts are attracting traffic or that a particular service offering page has much more visitors than your other pages. With this you can see what parts of your website are worth spending that bit more time to optimise and improve and on the flipside, you can see what parts of your website are struggling to connect and need to be changed/added to.

The software gives you a dashboard interface which lets you see exactly what you want to see. Whether this be to ascertain how many times a particular visitor visited your website over a period of time or how many times they have visited your website. You can track the journey of your visitors to see what content they interacted with and in what order – perhaps they ended on your ‘Contact Us’ page but did not contact you, so why not get in touch with them? Lead Forensics will provide you with a contact telephone number from the interested party so that you can get in touch and keep the lead from going cold. If this visibility, conversion and result potential sounds appealing to you and your business, get in touch with Webheads and we can empower your business to gain more credible leads and more solid sales.