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Why Webheads Web Branding Works

You want (and need) to have a positive and memorable image associated with your business. This is best achieved with branding. What do you stand for? What do you represent? What do people think of when they think about your company? Webheads are branding specialists both online in terms of website design and offline in terms of logo design for example. Our work has helped homegrown brands become key players on the world stage having worked with the likes of Happen, Planet Hollywood and Quaife.

We usually recommend a face-to-face meeting to ascertain what you want your branding to do and to connote to your current customers and also to potential customers. If this is not feasible due to distance or time constraints; we can of course meet virtually via Skype etc. Working with the key people in your company, we leave no stone unturned and discuss colours, text, images, graphics, video, animations and more if required. You tell us what you want your branding to achieve and we make that into a reality. Not only does this immensely benefit your company both immediately and in the long run, but it also assists your online presence as you become recognised on search engine results pages.

We loved working with Happen to make this happen (no pun intended). The team were bright, optimistic and open and receptive to all ideas which empowered us to indulge the creative side of our task at hand. Bespoke icons and logo designs were created and their working ethos was reflected in the bright colour palette utilised across their web interface. Their new branding sharpened their already razor sharp standing in the industry and was a great experience for all involved: “From start to finish, Webheads have ‎kept our brand in focus, understanding who we are and what we offer our clients; taking real care to translate this into realistic concepts and great execution.Costas Papaikonomou – Founding Partner at Happen

The branding for Plant Hollywood London focused on the feel good factor from the get-go to parlay their fun and friendly family restaurant atmosphere into an interactive online presence. Their website featured a keen use of in-house imagery and impactful font to draw users deeper into the Planet Hollywood experience. All the while, users of their desktop and mobile responsive website have the opportunity to make a reservation with the custom online booking form built into the site.

Quaife were at the point of breaking into the global market when they contacted us here at Webheads to have their branding match their burgeoning worldwide standards. A rebuild and redesign of their website resulted in a polished and well received result which assisted with their segue into international territory. Such was the success of their optimised online output that we were further commissioned to work on the website for Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, one of Europe’s brightest motor racing prospects and also for a dedicated American Quaife website.

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