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Webheads is 22 . . . and the Internet is only 25

The internet recently celebrated it’s 25th birthday and coincidentally we here at Webheads celebrate our 22nd birthday this year. Webheads has survived and thrived online for more than two decades due to the quality of our dedicated developments and designs for businesses’ websites.

An early adopter of web design (we were founded in 1994) has seen us work with clients from all industries and sectors in various scopes and sizes from all around the world. We have remained faithful to our roots and continue to specialise in high-quality, bespoke website design that is fairly priced and optimally functional.

Our clients sought us out (and continue to do so) because they know they will receive a professional, proper and pain-free working relationship with Webheads. Having been in the business for over 20 years, we fully understand traditional and modern best practices for business websites but also make sure to customise each and every one so it is a best fit for each and every client. “They always respected our considerations, working swiftly yet never rushed. In short: the best professionals we could have possibly hoped for.”Costas Papaikonomou, Founding Partner at Happen. Over the years we have worked for hundreds of companies and organisations. They all have one key aspect in common: they’re successful.

Motorsports have always been a love of Webheads founder JM Whitman and also a passion for many of the Webheads team members too. This has led to some fantastic website designs and builds for renowned companies such as Formula One, Quaife and one of our more recent ventures Project 44. All of our websites focus on performance and speed as well as optimal design and our extensive motorsports portfolio is testament to this. In fact our plethoric portfolio covers industries as diverse as motorsports to hotels, restaurants and even music labels – bespoke and professional website design knows no bounds at Webheads.

Government agencies have also sought out the expertise at Webheads. We were proud and honoured to design the website for The Supreme Court Events – an iconic location nestled in Parliament Square among the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Handed a four-week deadline and a budget to stick to; we delivered the modern, optimised and reactive website both on time and on budget. Global giants like Cisco and Intel have also been satisfied clients of ours. We designed and deployed niche websites for their internal use (not available for public view) to assist with their professional workflow and personnel traffic.

So here’s to another 22 years of doing what we do best and loving it at the same time. We will continue to blaze the trail and maintain standards in the area of website design and add many more satisfied clients and fantastic designs to our portfolio along the way. Happy 22nd Birthday Webheads – onwards and upwards.

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