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The Trouble With Themes . . .

Pre-made website themes may seem like a great thing if you are new to website design. Indeed they can be in certain situations; but more often than not their appearance sugar coats some unsavoury facts. This relates to coding, flexibility and speed and how you can be left with very little room to see your vision and desired design come to life. That is why custom website design is virtually always the best option.

Coding Conundrums
Most pre-made website themes are coded to do one specific thing, that being to display a theme for your website. You may think that this is all a theme needs to do, but if it is not coded well it opens up gaps for hackers and malware to take advantage off. If it is not supported with updates not only does this vulnerability increase, but it also means that it may stop working and displaying properly for certain visitors from certain browsers. All in all, the coding associated with pre-made themes is more often than not so restrictive that it will simply break if you attempt to do something outside of its scope – even something as small (in the grand scheme of things) as moving your header to a different position / orientation. Our custom designed websites on the other hand are designed to do exactly what you want to do, with code that can be customised and adapted to meet your growing needs and website demands.

Flexibility Faults
Like what was touched on above, pre-made themes do not always offer a high (if any) degree of flexibility. This greatly restricts what you may want your website to do once your business is up and running. So you may install and use a pre-made theme when you first setup your business and website, only to find three months down the line that your customer base has grown and they would like to purchase more products from you online. If your theme restricts the amount of products that you can list for sale for example, you will have to explain this to the customer which may cost you sales and brand loyalty. A Webheads custom website design offers you full flexibility in virtually every way, shape and form. As it is custom made to your business needs at all times and stages, it can adapt and respond to keep your offering up to date and turbocharged to convert visitors into customers.

Speed Stalls
As pre-made website themes are often designed for those who are new to website design and therefore may not yet know why custom design is best; users can quickly outgrow and outrun them. In the first couple of months while business is starting off, the basic design features and plugin support may seem to work wonders. But as the business grows and you want to add more features such as an online booking feature for example, the amount of external plugins you come to rely on can become excessive. Not only do the abundance of these additions increase the chance of one thing going wrong and having a domino effect on the others; but it also can place a serious drag on speed and website performance. In tandem with this, pre-made templates may be coded full of features that you do not need to avail of, but still have to take time to load as they are coded into the theme. With custom website design by Webheads however, the website is built exactly how you want and need it – therefore stripping away the access and problematic areas for a sleek and streamlined website and user experience (UX).

As you can see from above, the trouble with themes is apparent from an abundance of angles. Do not get fooled by the candy-coloured designs and high gloss finish because more often than not, the veneer that they present gradually peels away and causes pains. A custom website design by Webheads does the exact opposite and adapts to your needs while displaying a stunning, custom and responsive design at every step of the way.