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the rebrand revolution using colours in business branding choice paralysis in website design

The Rebrand Revolution

Regardless of the shape or size of a business, it still needs to evolve to survive and thrive with the times. As such, many opt to rebrand and refresh their website to showcase a new and improved style for their audience to respond to. Webheads are an ideal choice of web agency if you are thinking of a rebrand as our integrated web team has over twenty years of experience to impart and turbocharge your online presence. Here we look at some recent rebrand examples from recognised names such as Uber, Mailchimp and Dropbox.

While now known all around the world, Uber was once at the start up stage. Approaching five years in business, they recently rebranded their content in a probable attempt to define a more noticeable aesthetic which can extend beyond their brand name recognition. This involved deciding upon a solid colour scheme (in this case classic black and white along with what they term ‘safety blue’) and even creating a custom font known as ‘Uber Move’. More than just aesthetics, their rebrand coincides with new and upcoming features – such as their use of this ‘safety blue’ hue to highlight and call out important aspects and bring attention to their increased vehicular coverage such as bikes and even tuk-tuks.

As Mailchimp state themselves “As our produce has evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also evolved. Mailchimp has a brand new identity and design system.” This new identity and design sees many new user experience (UX) features implemented across their website and dashboard, but perhaps most striking is their bright yellow colour choice and free-flowing drawings and graphics that recall Picasso and Salvador Dali. These are termed as consistent, grounded, playful and expressive by Mailchimp; bestowing upon them a strong visual identity. In this regard, their presence is poised and primed to stand out and this is a key trait to be mindful of when differentiating yourself from the competition.

From the utilitarian to the colourful, the Dropbox rebrand was an unmissable transformation from a largely white canvas to a kaleidoscope of colour and collaboration. This in itself brought attention to the brand and of course shone a spotlight on their new aesthetic and approach. In this regard, we can also view a rebrand as a marketing exercise in raising the profile of a business as a whole by sharing its evolution with the world. This exercise can also bolster a brand by taking advantage of this renewed attention to connect it to a distinct image or visual that customers and potential customers can come to associate them with. As you can see from the rebranding examples of Dropbox, Mailchimp and Uber; it can pay off to rebrand your business to capture the attention of your customers and potential customers alike.