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Explaining the Fold Within Website Design

The fold is a concept in website design that applies to the content that can be seen without having to scroll or move the webpage. This is a prime area of website real estate that can be used to capture the visitor’s attention as soon as they land on the page. As such, your website design should be knowledgeable of this and position the most important content for your business within the folds of webpages. This blog post provides you with some examples of how this can be done.

Delta Force Paintball
Feeding into the high-impact ethos of paintballing, the fold of the Delta Force Paintball home page was custom designed to appeal to visitors. The area displays contact details and tabs which showcase that the likes of kids paintballing is available as well as showcasing that there are different Delta Force locations around the country. Potential customers gain this potential element as they can use either the tab or noticeable button to book with Delta Force. A link to an explanatory video is also available within the fold for ease of access. With all of the above available with little to no effort from the website visitor; they are enabled to convert within this fold area.

New York Pass
As soon as one lands on the home page for the New York Pass website that we custom designed for the Leisure Pass Group; they are greeted with a medley of information. This is true on both the desktop and mobile views. Information is conveyed (explaining what the product does), incentives are relayed (including promotions and marketing collateral) and a call-to-action is displayed (with the ‘Buy Now’ button). With this, visitors become equipped with swathes of information they need which can cause them to convert quite swiftly. All of this is achieved without them having to scroll or move to find out more – but of course they can do this if they so wish.

The Fall
The home page of The Fall website incorporates many tabs that showcase the different pages of the website – these pages also being facets of The Fall magazine. This means that visitors can instantly see that The Fall deals with cinema, fashion and music etc. The very right-hand corner of this landing area features links to their social media channels. The very left-hand corner features a call-to-action in the form of a ‘Shop’ button. Due to these considered design details, visitors are enabled to explore The Fall or visit their online shop with one simple click; there is no need for them to scroll or move anywhere beyond the fold to obtain what they need. In doing so, they become customers of The Fall, all thanks to the fold.

As you can see, utilising the fold correctly within custom website designs can help with conversions. At Webheads, our bespoke and custom website designs fantastically feature the fold space so that our clients can gain clients of their own. As a premier web agency, we understand the nature of business and curate your website with your goals and aims at the forefront of our design ethos.

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