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Text Content in a Streamlined Website Design

Text and written content is important in any website design. It is especially crucial for SEO efforts to help inform Google as to what your business and business website is about. But with the likes of minimum word counts and keyword density required, it can run the risk of overpowering and impacting the visual design of a website. This does not have to be the case and in fact it does not have to detract from a streamlined website design - here we explain how.

It is recommended that a minimum of three-hundred words be used on each webpage to help it both be recognised and ranked by Google. These words should also naturally contain instances of your chosen keyword or term appearing. Yet for websites that choose a minimalist or streamlined website design aesthetic, adding three-hundred words into the mix can disturb this visual space and aesthetic flow. Therefore to achieve this, these words can be added across the page in select areas as opposed to one or two large blocks of text. Instead, smaller snippets of text can be incorporated to meet this minimum word count and keyword density target in the following places.

Heading / Title
Give each of your webpages a heading / title (in a large font) and add a sentence explaining this title directly underneath it (in a smaller font). For example, the heading ‘About Us’ can be followed with a short sentence such as ‘Learn about what we do and how we do it, our team that make it all possible and our opening hours so that you can see the magic happen in store for yourself’. Not only does this brief sentence explain the outline of the page and draw readers deeper into the content; but it also adds thirty-three words towards the minimum word count target in a succinct and unobtrusive manner.

Review / Testimonial
A similar snippet of text that can be added to a webpage is that of a client review or testimonial. This is a great way to break up any blocks of text by punctuating it with some words in a different writing style i.e. as written by your clients. This text can also be added in italics to denote its different origin and purpose. Choose a short and sweet testimonial (make sure to include the name of the client, with their permission of course) to both add towards this word count and also to reinforce the message that this webpage aims to get across.

Lastly, the area at the bottom of webpages directly above the footer (and not in the actual footer) is another great place to add a few inconspicuous lines of text. This can be used to wrap-up the content of the webpage i.e. ‘Now that you have seen who we are and what we do here at X, simply call us on Y or e-mail us on Z and we will be happy to help with any of your requests – big or small’. This adds another forty words towards your minimum word count goal. It also nicely wraps-up the page and can end with a timely call-to-action.

With all of the above taken into the account, you should only require less than two-hundred words to complete your webpage. These words can be rendered in more streamlined forms of text as to not clutter and disrupt your streamlined website design. At Webheads, our expert custom website designers can design any type of custom or streamlined website design for you that incorporates all of the elements needed to attract customers and retain loyal clients.