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What Makes a Successful eCommerce Website

When browsing online, it is a treat to come across a website that you want to explore more of. For this very reason, some of our most successful eCommerce website designs are that of the leisure pass websites that we created. These eCommerce websites detailed the tourist attractions and sights to see in Dublin, London and Vienna respectively and relied heavily on informative content in these areas. Buttressing this was the responsive and immersive website designs that attracted and retained the website visitors.

The Dublin Pass website explained to visitors the attractions on offer and even provided a suggested breakdown of what to see and as to how availing of the pass would grant the user benefits such as fast track entry and monetary savings. From the get-go, this combined a business savvy eCommerce slant with a welcoming and genuinely interesting website – a win-win for both visitors and the brand owners. Green was a chosen design colour in keeping with the aesthetic vibe of the Emerald Isle and was utilised within an easy to navigate tiled and tabbed interface. Knowing that the Dublin Pass website would be accessed from around the world, there includes a tab titled ‘Languages’ to render the website in many languages such as French and German.

When it came to the London Pass website, a similar design formula was followed simply because these pass websites are an interlinking network and a level of uniformity was desired in the spec for the designs. As seen above with the Dublin pass website, a key element of a successful eCommerce website is to naturally introduce rather than overwhelm website visitors with sales pitches. To balance this conversion goal with a relateable and welcoming experience; there was also a very social slant evident with links to a blog, social media channels and even client testimonials and reviews readily visible – “I’ve discovered and seen more than I expected with The London Pass as a first timer.” To make the text content easily accessible, a blue and black colour scheme font was used for visual impact and rendered in bold in places to highlight headings and points of interest to the website visitors.

As with all of the pass websites (some of our most successful eCommerce website designs), photography and images of each of the locations provided for great background, banner, slideshow and tile images. The Vienna Pass website for example featured the giant Ferris wheel, the Hofburg imperial palace and museums such as the museum of technology and the museum of natural history. All of these elements improved conversions by up to 50% – Webheads know how to build and launch websites that do business. Louis Johnson, Online Marketing Manager for the London Pass had this to say: “The guys at Webheads took the time to fully understand our requirements . . . and its target market in order to ensure the final product was of the highest quality. Results . . . Webheads have helped us achieve them. I would definitely recommend them.”