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Staying Power – How Fashion Websites Get it Right

Nowhere does the word ‘trend’ apply more than in the fashion industry. In the revolving door of what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ which turns at a dangerously fast speed; how is it that fashion websites are not undergoing constant redesigns and reskins to stay relevant? Here we take a look at the phenomenon that is the staying power of fashion websites.

Let’s take a look at the website we designed for renowned stylist Angus Buchanan ( The word ‘timeless’ comes to mind here as his website exists to showcase some of his most iconic work in a functional and responsive space. Buchanan’s main spheres of work are within fashion, interiors and events. Each of these facets are dictated by trends – but these trends are also filtered through the lens of the stylist. Buchanan has his own style that he is sought out for, hence only the content of his website needs to be changed when he completes a new project. In this way, his on trend work makes its way onto his website and keeps it on the pulse of what is current.

With this, we see the importance of curated content for fashion websites. What they display and what they say is indicative of the trends of the time. It is not practical nor advisable to constantly have their websites drastically altered in terms of design, interface and usability just to stay afloat with trends such as minimalism. Therefore to achieve their staying power and to not be blown aside by the winds of change, proper and professional fashion websites by Webheads are built with a timeless design and interface. This means that they implement somewhat basic usability (such as static headers and footers, slideshows etc.) but rely on their content for their on-trend wow factor.

Fashion website design teaches us that within the constant flux of the world we live in, a basic but solid anchor is all that is required to stay grounded. In this instance we see that a well-made website with responsive features that is buttressed by the relevant content keeps website designs afloat in the choppy seas of the internet today. Learn from fashions websites in that your content is of paramount importance – without it, you are sailing on a sinking ship.

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