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Silverstone 24h

We can’t wait for the upcoming 24h Series at Silverstone this weekend as we support the OCC Lasik Racing Team. It is no secret that we at Webheads are huge petrolheads and we have a big motorsport following in our offices. Exciting times indeed as there is a great digital aspect to the race in the form of onboard live streams so that we can stay on the literal pulse of the action as and when it happens! In fact, combining the digital online realms with the word of motorsport is a passion of Webheads that has infiltrated our web design portfolio.

One of our longstanding clients of motorsport website design is that of Daytona. Looking for an industry standard online platform to represent their iconic business, they reached out to us here at Webheads. We put our skills to the test to promote their ‘arrive and drive’ business model with a robust and responsive website presence that appealed to both new drivers and experienced pros. We also delve deeper behind the scenes of the industry too with the Quaife website design being an example of this. To segue into the worldwide market online with ease, the master gearbox and running gear designers and manufacturers reached out to us. We designed and deployed for them a website that did just that. This included a highly polished and sophisticated eCommerce element in the form of an online shop to drive revenue and sales to their business.

We are glad to be able to combine our online and digital skills with our love of racing to occupy the niche of motorsport website design. As the Silverstone 24h approaches, one can’t help but think of the racers themselves. Just like how websites need to perform well to thrive online, racers also need to sustain their high performances to thrive on the track. Speaking of thriving racers, why not check out a very recognisable face associated with our Project 44 motorsport website design.

Good luck to all who are racing at the weekend in the Silverstone 24h!
Follow the race live at

And our live streaming onboard camera

TCE Series 24h Silverstone 01.-02.04.2017

– The Webheads Team

Race update
The team finished 2nd – congratulations to Vanquish Motorsport and the drivers !