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Selling your Space through Website Design

Your website can be used to expert effect to promote your bricks and mortar business space – whether it be a landmark, restaurant, store or any type of venue space. A custom website design from Webheads is a great way of selling your space through an online experience; making visitors to your website want to see and visit your bricks and mortar location. Here we show you how we do this, with examples from some recognised UK destinations that we have worked with.

Restaurant Example – Planet Hollywood London
Based in Haymarket in central London, Planet Hollywood is a popular destination for couplies, families and friends to grab a bite in the heart of the city. As we know, there is intense restaurant competition in London, so the custom website design that we designed for Planet Hollywood was created with this idea of ‘selling your space’ to visitors. Their responsive website includes an expansive gallery of images that shows the restaurant space both empty and full with patrons, as well as highlighting their distinctive pop culture décor, their staff and their range of different seating spaces. We also implemented an online booking feature and made sure to highlight the private hire aspect to the venue. With all of the above attributes in place, the custom design facilities bookings and showcases the restaurant space as an attractive destination to visit.

Landmark Example – The Supreme Court Events
Nestled around The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, The Supreme Court Events is a historic venue that can be booked for corporate and private events. Webheads created a custom website design that broke the venue down into rooms that can be viewed and learned about in detail – including the lobby, the lawyer’s suite and meeting rooms. A highlight was also incorporated to showcase the rare glimpse into the triple height Justice’s library. An outstanding feature that we implemented was that of a movable three-dimensional view of each venue, allowing visitors to plan their event with visual special awareness with all of the information they needed in terms of availability and capacity being readily available. As a nice finishing touch, a tab in the header was dedicated to accredited suppliers within the catering industry.

Accommodation Example – So Hostel
The custom website we designed and deployed for Sohostel worked beautifully to showcase and sell the space of the hostel located in the famous Soho district of London. When booking accommodation, we knew that website visitors would have a host of questions on their minds. That is why we implemented a sizeable FAQ section into the header, ensuring visitors to the website (and potential visitors to the hostel) on how to get to the hostel from the airport, if there was wi-fi available etc. The colourful gallery of images portrayed the entire building, thus including the reception areas, the common areas, the sleeping areas, the street view and even their niche rooftop garden. Knowing that we were providing website visitors with this abundance of information, it made sense to build a booking feature into the website so that they can easily convert to guests of the hostel online.

Selling your space through website design is key to converting online visitors into visitors of your bricks and mortar location(s). As you can see from above, Webheads have the expert website design and web agency skillset to make this a reality for your business.

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