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Selling Directly Through Social Media

Nowadays getting noticed on social media is becoming more difficult as Mark Zuckerberg is now focusing on trying to shift Facebook's attention to providing a more meaningful experience for example. Most social media reachs and engagements are slowly on the decline, conversions are lower and updates are becoming shorter.

When you are selling directly through social media, there are many social media services you can avail of through the majority of the most popular platforms that will help to get your social media campaign off to its best start. Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform on the market that includes a built-in social commerce solution. By utilising the Facebook shop page, this will allow your campaign to achieve a wider reach. You can optimise your campaign to bring the user directly to your eCommerce site, or you can let customers checkout through Messenger (meaning they won’t have to leave the Facebook network at all).

Instagram allow you to add product tags to your grid and story posts, which gives the user the option to buy something they see and like right then and there. To guarantee a smooth experience when selling through Instagram you need to ensure that your profile is a business page, you must apply and receive approval to post eCommerce posts and you also must have a product catalogue that is associated with a Facebook page.

Pinterest is another popular platform that allows you to sell directly through social media, which is very powerful for visual focused brands. Pinterest provide a very intuitive system that allows you to get selling directly through social media quite fast. All you need to do is copy over a URL from your WooCommerce or Shopify account and Pinterest will essentially do the rest of the work.

Jumper is a third party solution that is separate from a service that is already offered through an established network. This relatively new software is a step ahead from the previously mentioned social media platforms as it allows your brand to sell directly through other popular sites such as WhatsApp, YouTube or through a QR code. After your post has experienced some engagement, a chat box will pop-up and allow the user to complete a seamless purchase in a simple two-step process.

Social commerce has experienced strong and continued growth in the digital marketing world. With more new developers tapping into this space there has never been an easier time to get selling directly through social media.