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Review of Website Design 2017

Another year passes and with it we take a look back at the selection of custom made websites that we designed and deployed during 2017. This selection shows how the bespoke element of website design and web branding can be used by any business (of any size) from any industry to bolster their presence, hits and conversions. With four new websites poised to launch in the first quarter of 2018, this shows that custom website design is a timeless staple for a successful business.

Cape Town Pass: Tourism can really benefit from having a responsive eCommerce website to promote landmarks and attractions etc. The Cape Town Pass website was a new addition to our suite of ‘Pass’ websites, joining the likes of Dublin and London with a high-impact, high-end custom web design. Featuring a colour palate which drew inspiration from the South African flag and stunning imagery of the picturesque Cape Town landscapes and cityscapes. This was another successful website design which married a beautiful user experience with a robust eCommerce function.

Deltaforce: The Deltaforce bespoke website design is a great example of utilising local SEO to target customers per location. With well over thirty locations across the UK and Ireland, the website prompts you to share your location with it to match you to their nearest paintball centre. The Deltaforce website was adorned with their yellow and brown branding which recalls the outdoor element to the sport. High quality imagery of each type of paintball game coupled with search engine optimised blocks of text provided for a highly informative and interactive website.

The Fall: When designing a website for a creative outlet such as The Fall magazine; aesthetics and UX are always at the forefront. With their content focusing on film, music, fashion and culture overall – their website required a certain format for success. We utilised a clean interface featuring blocks of their respective content to assist with the navigation and layout for ease of use. This allowed the design to strike the balance between filling each page with interactive content but also leaving breathing room for their logo, navigational tabs and social media links to be clearly displayed.

Helsinki Card: Helsinki was also gifted with a dedicated pass card website to bolster their tourism sector. We designed this web space to highlight the many benefits of purchasing the pass travel card via the website. This entailed of a banner which promoted how the card provides free entry to over twenty Helsinki attractions alongside a free guidebook, free public transport travel card and a free panoramic sightseeing tour. Nestled among these offers was that of snapshots of Helsinki itself – images and text pertaining to the city worth visiting.

Little Miss London: Staying with London, boutique candle company Little Miss London also siphoned inspiration from the amazing city. We siphoned our razor sharp skills into providing them with a lighting fast, branded and optimised eCommerce website. Keen to make contact with the business as easy as possible, a contact from was added alongside a live link to the brand’s Instagram feed. The Little Miss London platform really ties the charming elements of the brand together in one place – their logo, colour scheme, social media visibility and product selection all present and easily accessible via custom website design.

London Explorer: Continuing on from Cape Town and Helsinki, London also saw a new Explorer website be designed and deployed. Once again focusing on tourism in a vibrant city, we designed this eCommerce website with conversions and UX firmly in mind. Yet another addition to the Leisure Pass website group that Webheads was commissioned to design and deploy, this was of course delivered both on time and on budget. By ensuring to spend time on developing rich header and footer areas, visitors were ensured that they had these anchor points to assist with navigation no matter what part of the website (and eventually the city) that they explored.

Matt Todd Photography: When we are lucky enough to work on a photography website, we already know that we will have a selection of amazing images to integrate into the bespoke website design. When it came to the Matt Todd photography website, this was definitely the case and we had an arsenal of world class images taken in the likes of Africa, the Arctic, Iceland and the USA. This website is a great example of how custom website design allows you to flip the rulebook and implement a design that may be against the norm. Take note of the menu that is rendered to the left of the webpage instead of existing as a separate header and footer area.

New York Pass: Finally then was our eCommerce website design for the New York Pass website, another part of the Leisure Pass group. The expansive city of New York was matched with an equally expansive responsive website. We designed over one-hundred separate webpages to house each of the attractions that the pass granted access to. Making sure to not let the sheer weight of the website provide a drag on the website speeds, we compressed and optimised the images and graphics to keep this speedy and snappy. With the ability to purchase the New York pass through the website, this speediness and snappiness are great attributes to facilitate for conversions and an overall positive UX.

Every year we also choose a charity to donate to as we really believe in giving back as much as possible. The world’s leading wildlife hospital known as Tiggywinkles was our chose charity this year. A British charity, they started off as a small passion project and have now grown to be a worldwide authority on wildlife welfare and wellbeing offering emergency services and hospital facilitates. We really admire the admirable work they carry out for defenseless animals (such as badgers, hedgehogs, owls, swans and more) who can become vulnerable in our modern world and are so glad that we could donate to their cause. So a big thank you to all of our clients and to our amazing team here at Webheads that brought the above websites to life. We appreciate your custom and always strive to deliver all of you projects both on time and on budget. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to a great 2018.

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