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Review of Website Design 2016

2016 was a great year for the Webheads team which saw us design and manage many business websites as well as continuing our professional relationship with longstanding clients. Our bespoke and responsive business website designs took in a range of professional fields and industries such as sports racing, insurance, fashion, tourism and politics. With a busy 2017 on the horizon with many new websites set to launch in the first quarter; here we take a look back at some of our 2016 success stories.

NMU Insurance: We modernised NMU’s web presence by building and designing a clean and clear website that divided their different insurance sectors by using a tile-based layout. Within each tile lies a wealth of information for the website visitor (and potential customer), ensuring to implement calls-to-action and easy navigation for that all important user experience (our specialty at Webheads).

Supreme Court Events: When high-profile political clients require a website that they know will receive a lot of traffic and public interest, they contact the expert team here at Webheads and entrust the task to us. We designed an impressive and sophisticated website for Supreme Court Events to showcase their venue and services in a bespoke and responsive online space. The clean white space and clear and concise fonts lure visitors within and then the information and downloadable brochures help to drive conversions to the client by instilling a want for their website visitors to contact them, thus creating warm leads for the business.

Project 44: As a self-confessed team of petrolheads with a major love for motorsport here at Webheads, we were elated to be commissioned to design the website for a management project on behalf of Lewis Hamilton. To equate his huge presence in racing, we used huge full screen images to form the full backgrounds of each page. While serving as a portal as contact for business enquiries, links were also built to Hamilton’s social media accounts on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram.

Daytona: Following on from previous work with Daytona Max, we were sought again to develop their Daytona karting website. This website had to house information in relation to nine events across four venues in the UK and also linked in with the Daytona online branding vehicle in the form of Daytona Live. As website visitors could book online, the CMS used had to also store customer information in relation to their chosen venue and booking details. As with all of our web designs, we met their demands and delivered this both on time and on budget.

Angus Buchanan: Fashion can be dictated by trends so we knew we had to make a timeless design for designer Angus Buchanan. We were spoiled for choice with creative images from the client to use across the website – and use them we did. As the imagery also serves as his portfolio, we were keen to maximise this exposure by matching each responsive webpage background with his respective fashion, interior and venue designs. The website unsurprisingly turned out to be a visual treat but also made sure to adhere to the user experience by use of the ‘hamburger menu’ and linked text for example.

Sterling: When dealing with people’s homes, their working life and their family life; one wants to present all of the facts in an easy to understand manner. As Sterling work in relocation and to assist families and workers moving abroad to set up a new home life, their website needed to help them earn the trust of those who browsed it. To convert these browsers into clients, we consulted on colour psychology (calming blues alongside gentle greys and whites), optimised webpage layouts (punctuated with digestible infographics) and weaved in the crucial human edge via testimonials, insights and case studies.

As you can see in our review of website design 2016 was a great year for Webheads resulting in great work and websites being built for our clients. The above examples merely scratch the surface with work for Happen, London Pass and more also completed and celebrated: “In short: the best professionals we could have possibly hoped for.” Costas Papaikonomou – Founding Partner at Happen. 2017 is poised to continue our pristine and premier output which will take Webheads into our 23rd year of consistent online excellence.