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Preparing for the Next Web Design Frontier – HTTP2

When looking at HTTP2, we need to understand that the internet moves so fast that it is hard to pin it down and study it properly. It also constantly grows and evolves as time passes, continually changing shape and paradigms. One such change is that of HTTP2 – for all intents and purposes an upgraded framework that can have major repercussions for all internet users. The current HTTP (i.e. HTTP1) is the backbone of the world wide web and works to display websites, generate search results and overall keeps everything live online. Webheads are conscious of the arrival of HTTP2 so we want to educate our clients and blog readers on what this means for you.

What do I need to know?: The main thing to take from all of this is that new developments bring with them new improvements. Websites designed on standard HTTP will still function as normal, but websites designed specifically for HTTP2 (or optimised for same) will perform that bit better. As we know with the competition online today, those searching online are spoilt for choice and may gravitate towards websites which load and perform better and faster than others as this forms part of a better overall Ux. This can get quite technical and dense; but it is suffice to say that HTTP2 is poised to become the new standard in swift and responsive internet experiences for those browsing and shopping online.

What differences will HTTP2 bring?: One will mostly notice a much faster loading time of websites that are designed for and support the HTTP2 framework. This will be achieved by automatic compression of website components, streamlining of headers (and header data) and the ability for websites and servers to handle multiple requests at once for example. This can be compared to the difference between 3G and 4G. Both essentially work, but once cannot deny the more swift and seamless experience that 4G offers.

Where does Webheads fit in?: A pioneer for over 20 years in the web design field, Webheads are working towards offering custom and bespoke websites built for our clients on the HTTP2 framework. As the HTTP2 is estimated to become widespread by 2019, all of our current and upcoming designs will be built to integrate with this and therefore be ahead of the curve both now and in time to come. This involves tweaking the custom CMS to respond to the newer HTTP2 elements while also abiding by the current HTTP principle. In short, this is a new form of SEO that applies to the entire framework and fabric of the world wide web – a front end and back end optimisation that will see your website turbocharged and optimised to survive and thrive in the seas of change online.