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A Picture Really Does Say 1,000 Words

When it comes to website design, written text content is almost always enhanced by accompanying pictures. Yet in some instances, text is forgone completely for pictures instead. As the saying goes, a picture really does say a thousand words and this rings true in website design.

Pictures resonate with those who view them because they are easy to relate to. Whether they contain a colour that a person likes or a product that they can see in a real-life setting; they are an easier medium to process when it comes to conveying information.

We recently designed a website for top fashion, interior and set stylist Angus Buchanan. Buchanan began his career under the tutelage of Mario Testino and since branching out on his own has gone on to work with the likes of Dior and Versace with spreads in GQ and Vogue among others.

Understandably, his work is very visual and aesthetic based and his website was built to reflect this. As such, it mainly features a tiled image interface that showcases each of his stunning creations. This design and usability renders especially well on mobile devices as the images respond to fit different screen sizes. With a simple tap (or click) on an image, visitors are taken to the relevant pages that they are interested in.

Images are also compatible with positive SEO practices. Each one can be assigned with what is known as alternative text. The purpose of this is to display the assigned text in instances when images cannot load (i.e. if the user has a slow internet connection). So if you write ‘red balloons’ in the alternative text field for a picture of red balloons, it will display when the image cannot to let website visitors know what should be there. However one can cleverly use this alternative text field to instead enter their keyword/term for their webpage to add to keyword density. This positively affects the SEO attributes of a webpage which you can increase per picture used.

The use of images in website design pertains to a design element that enhances the user experience and has positive connotations on SEO and relatability. When implemented effectively as part of professional website design, pictures can take the place of text without detrimental effects on your website as evidenced by the functional success of One can invest in stock imagery, personalised professional photography and/or graphic design safe in the knowledge that it will connect with website visitors and secure an audience by having a positive effect on SEO.

We’d love to talk to you more about your project
Call: 020 7287 7060 or e-mail