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Portraying Personality Through Bespoke Website Design

Bespoke website design allows for the personality of yourself and / or your business to shine through. The fact that your website is bespoke means that it is built and designed from scratch without a pre-made template in sight. Here we take a look at our recent bespoke website design for Little Miss London and how the design allowed for the personality of the brand to live and breathe.

The Little Miss London website sells a collection of beautiful candles. Each one is inspired by iconic London locations such as Camden and Chelsea and future candles planned to launch include Shoreditch and Wimbledon. Due to this variance, the website required a custom design to reflect each element of the collection. This was achieved by having a single page to house all of the candles and from here visitors could click / tap through to each candle individually to learn more about it. Because there were no restrictions as no premade template was used; this overall product page was able to be built to give equal real estate (and therefore conversion potential) for each individual product.

Snappy and business savvy copywriting accompanies each of the individual candle pages while also including the price and the option to add the candle to your basket. This again illustrates how the bespoke element of design allows for as little or as many features as you would like to be on each of your webpages. In the case of Little Miss London, the client sought a simple but roust interface that let the personality of each product to be evident. The Covent Garden candle page lists it “vivacious personality” and “lively citrus blend” while the Notting Hill candle relays the “upmarket approach” and “40-hour burn time.” Each candle is also displayed along with its individual artwork design and colour scheme.

A website design can be customised in almost every way when you choose to select premier bespoke website design such as what we offer our clients here at Webheads. For Little Miss London, their business Instagram feed was added to the footer section of each webpage. This allowed for a constant stream of new visual content to adorn each of the webpages while also allowing the personality of Little Miss London to be additionally present via this social media link. Thanks to the ability of bespoke website design, portraying personality through website design is a distinct and desirable business trait.

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