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2019 website design trends graphic of man holding a colourful content block to design a website

New Web Design Trends for 2020

With the fast moving world of technology comes many different web design expectations and trends. The first half of the year has seen multiple web design transitions where a lot of businesses have been forced to ‘go digital’ and compete in the online market. In order to achieve traffic to a relatively new website, here are some key web design trends of 2020.

Underlining and Text Highlights
One of the current web design trends is underlines and text highlights. Usually less is always more and plain font styles have always been the way to go. Bold text occasionally worked around certain contexts, however ‘funky fonts’ were usually avoided due to the rise and rise of minimalism in web design. Nonetheless, in more recent times websites are becoming a lot more advanced with exceptional user experience (UX) and virtual reality transitions; resulting in greater design trends with plenty of contrasts that are a better fit for highlighted elements and underlining. The Zappos Kids website for example demonstrates this perfectly as they have a range of highlighted text throughout their website that has a colourful vibrant theme.

Gradient Icons and Shadows
Yet another trend not to be ignored is that of gradient icons and shadows. Although it may not be the first preference for some, it is safe to say that this design is here to stay as it is getting infused into many website homepages. We can also see subtle shadows in Apple’s iOS 14 update with general changes that are made on the iPhone screen. This trend allows important areas of websites to look more realistic for the user, creating a greater sense of visual significance and immersive interaction.

Distinct Geometry
This is another important of the web design trends of 2020 that is definitely worth mention. In simple terms, this is where different shapes are designed together with different features such as images, fonts and backgrounds integrated into them. While it can appear as somewhat of a disjointed style, it is being embraced this year as a more creative option to help stand out from the crowd. MailChimp’s website expertly demonstrates the use of distinct geometry, which was launched in recent times as part of their branding refresh.