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Music to your Eyes – Record Label Website Design

Webheads have been commissioned to make many music and record label websites over the years. Our clients appreciate how we translate the audio experience of music into a visual experience via a professional website. Just as there are different genres of music, each of our clients have their own unique style and vision that we always turn into a reality through the creativity of their bespoke website designs.

Sicuppy Records was envisioned as an early social media platform for new and unsigned acts. It worked via a voting system whereby website visitors and fans could vote for their favourite acts as a way to signify their following. Sicuppy Records was a great platform for these artists which was directly responsible for many artist and band launches, helped to promote their music and also increased their exposure to gain new fans and a greater following. Their website was designed with a sense of community in mind to allow visitors to browse and discover new acts and to easily vote for them while also seeing their following.

Search and Destroy Records focused on rock music and burst onto the scene in 2008 flying in the face of the downward slope that many record labels found themselves on at the time. Webheads worked with them to create a record label website design that reflected this rock edge by appealing to their target market with a design that kept music as the focus. While ‘About Us’ information existed etc., the design and layout placed an emphasis on music news and the activities and achievements of the acts on their roster. The stark colouring of red logos and writing against a jet black background provided for an immediate impact to those who visited the Search and Destroy Records website.

Raw Power Management looks after and supports music talent on an international scale and has offices in both the UK and the US. Keen to portray their diverse talents that they manage, we implemented a lightbox to appear when the ‘Artists’ tab is hovered over to display their roster which includes the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice and Men. The homepage shines a spotlight on the acts too by using a slideshow to portray images of the acts that when clicked on bring visitors to the respective artists’ pages. Their website is a stellar example of a record label website that keeps the emphasis on the music and the acts.

Because we understand the different needs per industry and per business type when it comes to website design and online branding, Webheads is sought out time and time again. Get in touch with us for a bespoke website design that will stand the test of time and will stand as a testament to your business.