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Marketing with Morals – The World Wide Web in Context

The fact that toddlers are proficient at using iPads means that we have a responsibility when it comes to the content that we put online today. Regardless of parental controls and restrictions, internet connections and mobile devices are prevalent in the pockets of people of all ages. Knowing this, we yearn to market online and keep our morals intact.

We ran a social media campaign for Stella Artois around Christmas time which comprised of an eshot (to over 100,000 recipients) and a presence on their social media channels. While it was a definite success (securing a 28.9% open rate above the industry average of 21%); we were sure to handle the promotion of alcohol sensibly by marketing with morals. On their UK FaceBook page for example, a prominent message displayed over the content to make this loud and clear “Please note that this application is for users aged 18+ only, please do not share with anyone under the age of 18.” While this was only a prize application to win a pair of branded chalices, it was in keeping with both our own and the ethos of Stella Artois.

Their website does not allow visitors to enter until they enter their date of birth. Stella Artois is a classy and reputable company (just take a look at their crisp and clean images featuring the iconic golden rimmed glass bubbling with foam), so this is no surprise but a welcome and refreshing acknowledgement of the accessibility of the world wide web today.

Sensitive content is not limited to age. Those who are not proficient with the internet can fall prey to malicious pop-ups, trojans and viruses. Professional and well-built websites are a beacon to them – the standard and quality of an expertly designed website will always stand head and shoulders above the more suspect websites that often do not have proper meta descriptions specified or even URLs that make sense. In contrast, a professionally designed and developed website feels welcoming to all visitors. By implementing an accommodating user journey, users will seamlessly and effortlessly explore your web presence before naturally arriving to contact you to avail of a service or purchase a product. In this way, your website makes the first impression for you and as we know (especially with consumers), first impressions count – hence why we undertake marketing with morals.

The internet is truly a global and forever growing phenomenon that incurs a digital legacy every single day. If you choose to be a part of this by launching a business website, get in touch with the specialised team at Webheads for a website build that is true to you and your business while making the best impressions and conversions online.

Marketing with Morals