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Lewis Hamilton wins Fourth World Title

The Webheads team wish to extend a huge congratulations for Mr. Lewis Hamilton as he wins his incredible fourth Formula One world championship. Triumphing with his placement in Mexico and providing a tense duel on the track with Sebastian Vettel; the Mercedes driver becomes the fifth British driver with four world titles to his name. It is a great moment in British sporting history and also great to see how he has embraced social media to share the joy with his millions of followers. On his Instagram account for example his use of video content of his reception after the race has amassed a million views. His tweets on Twitter see him extend thanks to his fans and also further link to his social channels.

Hamilton is quite obviously a master driver having shown his skills in a range of track conditions and starting placements over the years. Consistency has been one of his key traits in his racing career and it is that trait bolstered by his undeniable skill which has seen him now claim his fourth world title. He has also been constantly conscious in the online and digital realms – embracing and expanding his reach across the aforementioned social media channels and custom websites. Project 44 is a fine example of this. The bespoke and responsive website is a portal for the management aspect of high-profile sporting careers such as Hamilton’s.

No doubt he will go on to achieve even bigger and better things, but it is a great achievement for him to revel in now. Not only that, it is a great achievement for Britain to revel in also – a superstar to represent our sporting prowess abroad. In tandem with this, we expect to see bigger and better things for his enviable online presence. So once again a well done to Lewis Hamilton from the team at Webheads. A legendary figure in Formula One with a command on both the track and his image and outreach online; we await what is most likely news on his inevitable fifth world title. As self-confessed petrol heads, we will be watching every race leading up to that moment.

lewis hamilton