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IT and Website Support at Webheads

Well done! Your custom website design not only looks beautiful, but it is attracting visitors and converting them into customers too! Of course you want to maintain this momentum; but do you have the time and personnel to action the likes of updates, change your content and add / or edit pages and take website backups? Webheads are pleased to offer an expert IT and website support service to keep your website and online presence turbocharged and optimised at all times.

“IT is at the heart of everything these days so any problems or difficulties can mean your business grinds to a halt.”

A website is made with many moving parts that work together to present your design and offering to your visitors. Over time each of these elements, such as the likes of certificates and different software, require updates to deliver the best and most up-to-date versions of themselves. With every update also comes up-to-date security measures so that hackers cannot easily compromise and gain access to your website. With older and outdated elements still active on your website, there is a much higher chance that they can get through via an out of date (and unsupported) element. The tricky thing with updates is that they can have a knock on effect to the other elements that they feed into. For example, an update to the search engine within an eCommerce website may result in their merchandising software to stop responding as it does not recognise and cannot interact with the newer update elsewhere. Our integrated web team offer this IT and website support to ensure that instances like this simply do not occur and every part of your website is kept up to date and as safe and secure as it can be.

Content Changes
Your website needs new content added to it on a regular basis (ideally every week) to show Google that it is still alive and breathing. With this, Google will know that your business is open and the information your website contains is therefore assumed to be up-to-date and accurate – perfect requirements for Google to then direct traffic to your website via your SERP positioning. While most CMS are user friendly and can be grasped with simple repetition, some may not find these aspects simple to understand and can harmfully change different parts of the website (unintentionally) in their quest to add a blog post or remove an out of stock product for sale etc. The Webheads team offer this web support to empower you and your staff to be able to complete these tasks and content changes with confidence.

There may a come an instance when your website needs to be reset back to a time before a negative event impacted it. These are usually rare occasions which may include a hack or critical error (not necessarily a fault of your own), or when something gets deleted or changed beyond repair (possibly a fault of your own). Either way, having regular backups taken of your website ensures that you can restore it back to a time when everything was working as it should and looking as it should. With this, your visitors and costumers can continue to receive the level of customer service they are accustomed to when dealing with your brand and business – with no interruption to this professional level of service. As part of our IT and website support service, the Webheads team can help you in this way also.

Choose Webheads for expert IT and website support that keeps you and your business primed to make sales. Our integrated web team work together so that every element of your online presence is optimised and turbocharged at all times.

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