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IGTV – What You Need to Know

Instagram’s newest service called IGTV or Instagram TV is set be a game changer for content marketing, content creators and more. With Instagram only allowing users to post videos with a maximum of ten seconds in length; IGTV will instead let users post videos that can range in anything from fifteen seconds to sixty minutes in length. Here we explore how to set up your IGTV channel and also examine the effects this new platform will have for content marketing.

Setting up an IGTV Channel
There are two ways to set up your IGTV account and channel. You can choose to download the IGTV app, available for both Android and iOS devices, to set up your channel. Simply tap on the gear icon to access the settings within the app and then ‘Create Channel’. You will be shown information about the app and videos (such as how IGTV is specifically made for full-screen vertical video styles). Your channel will then be created and it will have the same name as your Instagram handle. IGTV can also be setup within Instagram too. Simply tap on the IGTV logo in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will be taken to IGTV to create your channel through the same method as above. It is great to see this fluid cohesion between the two services as Instagram users can retain their handle across both platforms and are able to access IGTV through Instagram.

Effects on Content Marketing
With IGTV, brands and businesses will more effectively be able to curate and harness video content for their target audience. Within the eCommerce arena for example, videos of products can be created to showcase and demonstrate products at length, with enough scope to display all of its features, attributes, traits and selling points. Think of a piece of jewellery that can glimmer and shimmer in the light while being shown being worn on a model in a real life setting. Content such as this can really help to sell products by highlighting it in a tangible way that potential customers can easily relate to and imagine applying to themselves. With Instagram already being a popular platform for influencers, IGTV will allow them more scope to publish content. This could take the form of product and service reviews and unboxing videos etc.

IGTV offers a new platform for the ever-popular video content to reach an audience on. Linking with Instagram’s popular offering (with one billion recorded users as of June 2018), IGTV is poised to perform as a major player in terms of both content and social media marketing.