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how online shopping has changed in 2020

How Online Shopping has Changed in 2020

The pandemic has pressed a reset button on the world, where the majority of us have been told to follow strict lockdown measures, that will then emerge us into a completely new way of living. With many different shifts to our daily lives, here we examine how online shopping has changed.

With many retail outlets still closed (or lacking the full shopping experience due to social distancing measures) this has placed immense pressure on retailers to become more innovative online than ever before. In comparison to last year, some reports show that online sales grew as much as 150% in March and April alone. We have seen many rapid retail trends take place over the beginning of 2020 such as the stockpiling of household items like toilet paper and a massive spike in the demand for the likes of hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks / coverings. Although these peaks have now troughed somewhat, with the virus very much still an issue; many customers no longer want the bricks and mortar shopping experience.

Retailers now need to focus on investing in engaging eCommerce technology that can offer their customers a virtual shopping experience – something that will keep them coming back for more. An example of this would be having omnichannel capabilities that integrates the physical and digital shopping methods of a brand. This makes it easier to reach customers at all times, rather than waiting on the customer to make the first move.

Other technologies that are useful for online retailers are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that offers the customers an immersion experience on their laptop or smart phone. By blocking out the physical world completely and providing an opportunity to best experience a product online before making a purchase., it just goes to show how online shopping has changed and evolved as a result of the ‘new normal’.

Before the pandemic outbreak, the worldwide retail sector was already experiencing many new shopping paradigms from customers who wanted an experience and a connection with a retailer, before purchasing from them. Retailers now have to evolve even more by reinforcing their digital footprint and eCommerce potential in order to succeed, survive and thrive in these times. So knowing how online shopping has changed already, it makes sense to reach out to our expert team here at Webheads to discuss your options and how we can turbocharge your online presence to drive sales to your business and brand online.