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Hello Helsinki – Opening the City up to the Web

One of our most recently completed projects is that of the Helsinki Card website. Following in the wildly successful footsteps of our website designs for the likes of the London Pass and the Dublin Pass websites; Helsinki now has its own dedicated online portal to purchase the Helsinki Card. Featuring a design and aesthetic proudly rooted in best fit ideology, the Helsinki Card website is a feat of responsive website eCommerce website design where the customer is (rightfully so) put first.

What can be striking about the website design we custom built here is how it is edge to edge and fills the screen no matter what type of device you are viewing it on. When creating websites with a tourist focus such as this one, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to photography and imagery of famous landmarks and landscapes to use. The Helsinki Card website of course was no different and sees the responsive website adorned with the likes of the Suomenlinna Fortress Island, the Church of the Rock and the famous Helsinki Sky Wheel. Not only do these images act as a visual draw for the visitors to the site, they also serve to highlight the attractions on offer if one is to purchase the card itself.

With websites, the header area is a prime area of real estate not to be wasted. For this website, we included three essential perks of purchasing the card, the option to change the language of the website to cater to international visitors and finally a ‘Buy Now’ button to drive sales and conversions through the website. Directly under this we positioned six tabs that listed out the Helsinki Card attractions and also provided the ever useful FAQ section. In fact, the entire website is loaded with useful information in relation to both Helsinki and the card itself. A simple scroll down the home page for example and visitors are given clear and concise instructions on how to purchase the card and how and where to use it one purchased.

Some of the website design elements we utilised included a floating header and a lightbox that appears to offer visitors a free download of a Helsinki guidebook. As is standard practice for all of the bespoke websites designed and deployed by Webheads, the site was also made to be mobile responsive and optimised to perform as best as possible on search engines. We always ensure that all of our projects perform as best as possible and thus optimise them in every way possible to survive and thrive online. In this instance this groundwork allows for more people to discover the Helsinki Card website and then go on to discover the incredible city of Helsinki itself.