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Webheads / News / Growing Trends of eCommerce
growing ecommerce trends

Growing Trends of eCommerce

The world of eCommerce is always changing. Although the last year may have ignited some more growth, more than ever merchants are continually being innovative while improving and creating different ways for their eCommerce businesses to meet customers where they are. There have been many growth trends of eCommerce in the last year that may benefit or impact your online business.

Big data is playing a massive role in creating personalised experiences for the user. Many consumers are quite aware of their data and that eCommerce sites are collecting their data which may put them at risk. Due to this, many experts have some mixed feelings about the benefits of big data and how it may affect the shopping experience. With legislation in place to protect personal data we all now have the option to opt out which will create an interesting contrast. Some users will have ultra personalised experiences where others simply will not. This will have an impact on how marketers reach their audience in the future.

Other growing trends of eCommerce include more ways to pay. Many online customers have individual needs when it comes to payment methods online. Some users may get so far into a transaction with mobile shopping and then opt out when they meet an obstacle that does not meet their payment needs. Many eCommerce developers are now trying to further develop seamless and secure payment methods to make it as easy and as fast as possible for the user. Some argue that a unique ID for a centralised wallet may be the answer as this will allow the user to secure all their payment information in the one place rather than having to plug this information in each time.

Sustainability is also becoming more important than ever as customers and businesses are becoming more aware of the environment. Due to this, many customers are becoming more aware of who they shop with while many businesses are finding more ways to be eco-friendly by going paperless, using biodegradable packaging and using recyclable supplies. It is expected that we will continue to experience growing trends of eCommerce for some time yet. At Webheads all of our systems are firewalled with limited administration access allowing us to guarantee robust security for you and your online customers at all times. We here at Webheads continue to keep ourselves refreshed in the world of eCommerce and would love to discuss with you further any eCommerce needs your online business may have.