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Google’s New Posts Feature Explained

The new Google Posts add yet another layer to your SEO efforts. Don’t be late to the party and let your competitors be ahead of you by using them; your business should be using Posts weekly to gain the benefits they offer. With this additional content placed with your business listing (which appears on the search engine results page); businesses have a bit more real estate with which to represent themselves online. Here we look at the content to add to these posts, how to publish them online and the benefits of doing so.

Google Post Content
The feature (accessed through Google My Business) allows you to add an image, text and a link. There is also an option to set times and dates within the post when you select the ‘Make This Post an Event’ option. You are limited to between one to three-hundred words of text here, so you need to utilise this space to draw the reader further into your website. Directly after this text you have the option to insert a link. The full URL of the link will not display, rather it will take the form of a button. You can choose what this button says from the following options: Learn More, Reserve, Sign Up, Buy, Get Offer. With the options to combine an image with text and a link to your website, your Google Post content should be cohesive to lead viewers to click or tap on the link button to visit your website. Think of Google Posts as a precursor to a landing page.

How to Publish a Post
Admins of a Google My Business Account can post a Goolge Post. Select ‘Posts’ from the Google My Business menu and you will be taken to a screen where you can add the content as touched on above. A nice preview feature is also included so you can see what the finished result will look like before it goes live. This is useful to ensure that you are happy with how your image is cropped and that if you include event details for example that you like how they appear with the post. Once you have finished adding your content and are satisfied with the preview, select the publish option and your Google Post will be live online. At this stage your post will appear alongside your business listing in the Google search engine results page. It adds a nice aesthetic element as your chosen picture displays to draw the eye towards it. One should note that each Google Post will expire after one week, so make this a part of your weekly routine.

Benefits of Google Posts
After your post is online you can see how many times it has been viewed and if you include a button link, how many times this was used (engagements). These metrics show you how useful it is to keep your Google My Business details up to date as those browsing online are seeing these details and hence interacting with your Google Post. The posts are also another entry point for your website – something which should be highly regarded because if you have a solid UX you open up the floodgates for conversions. At this early stage, it is also beneficial for businesses to start publishing these posts before their competitors catch on and do the same.

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