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The Fall Magazine Website – Style and Substance

As image plays such a crucial part in the everything that The Fall does, they needed a website that brought both style and substance. As a new, bi-annual international fashion, arts, culture and lifestyle magazine; The Fall were looking to make a big splash into the industry and relied on a robust web presence (as provided by Webheads) to help them achieve this. Their website would provide content updates to their readers in between print issues. We created a bespoke website for them which set the London-based publication apart from the rest. Here is a great example of how style can bolster substance in the word of web design.

There are five main dimensions to The Fall – The Screen, The Fashion, The Music, The Culture and their video series called The Fall TV. Against the clear canvas of a white background, these words were placed in a classic black script font at the top of the page for simple navigation. With such a content heavy catalogue at our disposal, it made sense to use this content as literal building blocks for the website. Therefore the homepage utilised tiles that can be clicked/tapped on to take visitors to their sprawling video catalogue. With video content consumption at an all-time high, The Fall illustrate how they are on the pulse of contemporary trends both online and offline by linking to their own video content. This is not forgetting how high-quality content itself is a trend that will never die online. We had to make sure that we translated all of their traits into a responsive and reactive bespoke website. For example, the feature on designer Anna Sui ‘Her Wonderful World’ utilised captions on images to create a polaroid effect – perfect to accompany some of her more retro looks.

The team behind The Fall understand just how important a website is for any business venture wishing to be successful. In their own words: “Everything in The Fall is underwritten by the best fashion, styling and writing. The magazine is also supported by an innovative and beautifully designed website that has standalone bespoke features and fashion shoots and a separate TV channel for video content to fully engage our audience between issues.” Our design allowed them to organise their content to stay true to their aesthetic vision. By using a bespoke theme, The Fall are not restricted in their frontend display approach and do not have to cram their vision into a pre-made theme or template. With competition rife online, having a unique visual edge such as this can pay off in dividends and really set a website apart.

High concept and sharp visual content is often connected to notable figures in the media and The Fall is no exception to this. For example, celebrities such as Tyga and Leighton Meester feature within the ‘Music’ and ‘Culture’ dimensions. This shows how The Fall is catering to an international audience across a broad spectrum of digital and cultural media. What better way to drive traffic and attention to their brand than with a bespoke Webheads website?