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Facebook Recommendations Reach UK Businesses

Already rolled out in the US, the UK has now received FaceBook recommendations – the latest initiative to improve the user experience on the social network. Businesses need to know this as it provides much more of a seamless opportunity for them to be discovered and interacted with through integrated map features and specialised calls to action. As a premier digital agency, Webheads can optimise your online and social media presence to result in tangible real-life revenue for your business.

As a Business, what do I need to know?
You need to know that the Facebook recommendations update is mainly for personal users to benefit from, but smart businesses can poise themselves to reap the benefits too. When a user posts a status stating the likes of “What events are on tonight?” or “Where is a good restaurant to eat on Thursday night?”, the Facebook algorithm kicks in. By recognising what the user has posted via the text they use (“What events”, “Where is a good restaurant” etc.), the comments they receive will be optimised for them. So if a friend recommends a restaurant by commenting on the status, if that restaurant has a Facebook page or is listed with them; said page will automatically appear with the comment. Not only that, but a map will generate and show where the restaurant is.

So how does this help my business?
With this improved user experience, if your business is recommended it is a simply click/tap away for its Facebook page to be reached. As we know from the power of reviews and testimonials online, a recommendation from a friend will make a considerably positive first impression for your business. It is here on your page that you can add new specific call-to-action buttons such as “book now”, “sign up” and “call now” to drive sales and conversions. Not only this, but Facebook’s integration with the likes of Fandango and BookingBug mean that the call-to-action can even be fulfilled through Facebook without the user having to be redirected to a different website. In some instances (depending on your particular business/service type), calls-to-action can take place by automatically transferring to the Facebook Messenger app for instant chat and confirmation.

In a Nutshell:
FaceBook recommendations update makes for a smooth and seamless experience for users who are looking for events, restaurants or shops etc. in their local area. Businesses with weak or inaccurate Facebook pages/listings will miss out on this new opportunity provided to them. We here at Webheads can update your page as necessary and ensure that it is linked to the relevant call-to-action button, positioned correctly on maps and integrated with the appropriate third-party software to process your conversions (i.e. Ticketmaster).

Facebook Recommendations