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Facebook – How to make Conversions

Social media is a great avenue to go down when looking to drive conversions to your business and brand. Whether your desired conversions are in the form of sales, newsletter sign-ups, spreading awareness of your brand or a combination of these; social media can help you to achieve it. The Webheads team are adept at mobilising your social media accounts to help your business in this way having done so for global clients such as Stella Artois. Read on here to learn about some of the ways that we at Webheads can turbocharge your Facebook advertising to make conversions for your business.

Mailing List Audience
We can upload your newsletter database into Facebook to target your subscribers on the social media platform. This is useful to take a double-pronged approach to make awareness of a new product or service launch you may be having – or maybe to promote a sale for example. You could send a newsletter to your subscribers on a Monday and then target these same subscribers again on a Friday. Boosting a Facebook post for this audience is an effective way to remind them of your newsletter offering and also affords them another chance to act on your offer. By making yourself visible in both their e-mail inboxes and social media newsfeeds, you position yourself as a professional business with a strong and cohesive marketing presence.

Lookalike Audience
A great way to boost your likes and followers on Facebook is by targeting what is known as a lookalike audience. This is an audience you can create that is very similar to those who currently like your page. Facebook will create a new audience filled with people who have similar ages, interests and locations to those who currently like your page. This allows you to target them with a post safe in the knowledge that they are people who are interested in what your business has to offer. Therefore a lookalike audience can successfully be used to grow your Facebook page. Not only this, but it also makes likeminded users aware that your business exists and caters to their interests and needs.

Remarketing Pixel
Facebook allows you to add a piece of code into your website to use remarketing targeting (you may need help from digital marketing experts for this). This means that if someone visits your website and also has a Facebook account, the pixel will cause them to populate on your Facebook remaketing list. Using the Facebook remarketing pixel is an effective way to keep your business and brand in the consciousness of those who have already seen it. After visiting your website and not converting, they will be targeted with a boosted post to jog their memory and jolt their awareness of your products and/or services. It is this jolt and reminder that can make conversions happen.