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Wanderlust – Exploring Space in Website Design

Within our extensive portfolio of projects here at Webheads, we always ensure to make a great use of space in website design. Not only are each of our custom website designs always optimised to work on both desktop and mobile device spaces; but their designs allow for an optimised user experience (UX) that provide an enjoyable journey for visitors to experience and thus usher them into becoming customers of your business. Here is how we use space in website design to stunning and expert effect.

Many of our clients work within the creative industries and as such our custom website designs for them made sure to be respectful of their creative craft and headspace. With the Matt Todd Photography website, it was a design requirement to not impede on his portfolio of work with functional aspects such as banners, headers and footers. To accommodate this, we created a custom navigation bar that was fixed vertically to the webpages – a great use of space in website design. As such, this left enough space on the remainder of the webpages for his stunning photography to fill edge to edge in their exquisiteness. Likewise the custom website for designer Angus Buchanan took a similar approach by having his webpages brimming with his beautiful designs within the event, fashion and interior decorating spheres. Albeit most often used within mobile website design, we implemented a neat hamburger menu so that this functional aspect was implemented with spacial finesse in mind.

One of our most successful partnerships is with the Leisure Pass Group as we have custom designed and deployed many of their destination websites including the likes of the Dublin, London and New York pass websites. The imagery that we used and optimised for these websites greatly helped to evoke the sense and feeling of these places and is a stellar example of how to evoke the feeling of a space in website design. This included shots of the Dublin skylines, photographs of larger than life London attractions and images of some of New York City’s most famous landmarks. By placing these in prime positions on the webpages in a range of expansive and expressive sizes, the visitor can be drawn into that part of the world that bit more and this works to add to the appeal of the destinations being advertised.

Here at Webheads, our custom designs make great use of space in website design. This ensures a stellar journey and UX for your visitors which greatly helps to convert them into customers of your business. Choose Webheads – an expert web agency with over twenty years of experience – for an integrated web team to turbocharge your business online.

space in website design