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Selling via the Senses: Exploring Restaurant Websites

Taste, touch and smell are more difficult senses to appeal to online as opposed to sight and sound. This hurdle presents itself when it comes to restaurant websites, but it is a hurdle that can be cleared with professional website design techniques.

Our design for the Planet Hollywood London restaurant website utilised high quality images and rich descriptive text to relay the taste of the menu and the feel of the restaurant atmosphere. The client wanted visitors of the website to easily be able to imagine enjoying themselves in the Planet Hollywood restaurant. We knew that to do this, restaurant websites required high quality images of the premises and also an interface that captured the fun and friendly atmosphere of the brand. Function was also an important element here as the website was to be used as a place for people to make reservations on either desktop or mobile devices. The design makes clever use of space by filling the webpages with content and branding pertaining to their colouring and typeface. This is done without overpowering the visitor, but it does go a long way to satisfying their search for information on the website.

To strike the balance between flavour and function when it comes to restaurant website design, rich descriptive text plays a big part in appealing to the senses. Describing in detail the ingredients and flavours of a dish alongside an appetising picture works well to create a palpable longing to become a patron of the restaurant. Links on a restaurant website need to include three main things – menu options, a booking system and contact details/opening times. With this trifecta readily available, those browsing restaurant websites have everything they need to make a reservation.

Apart from the tastes and smells of fine dining, location is another important factor to enhance and elaborate upon. As we know, restaurants are often the scene of birthday parties (of all ages), business lunches and dinners and even marriage proposals. Target your target audience by highlighting the amenities that you can offer to appeal to them – children’s menus, private rooms and romantic booths would serve as respective examples here. By now you have set the mood for patrons and tantalised their taste buds too while giving them easily accessible options to make a booking.

The Planet Hollywood London website is a great example of how to entice visitors of an online presence into a bricks and mortar location by appealing to their senses. This is a very important factor to consider when it comes to the professional design of restaurant websites.

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