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Expert UX Service at Webheads

Webheads are proud to offer clients an expert UX service. This ensures that your website is turbocharged with the best user experience possible; resulting in increased visitors, engagement and conversions. Read on below as to our expert UX service and how it can greatly help your business. Here are the six steps that we follow – developed over twenty years as a leading web agency.

It should be established as to what a website is going to be used for, so that its custom design and overall UX builds upon this useful foundation. This step examines what features are needed – such as an online booking system, eCommerce store, payment gateways, application programme interfacing (API) and more. With this usefulness established, your website users can enjoy their experience on your website as they know they can use it to fulfil their needs.

In order for a website to retain visitors and users, it must place an emphasis on usability. Simply having useful features in place will not suffice unless they are presented and realised in a useful manner. This can mean ensuring that the features and designs are bug-free, do what they are meant to do (i.e. links are not broken and that they link to the correct places) and are made to fulfil the needs of your target audience and website visitors. Layout plays an important role here, as elements and features should be clearly laid out and easy to find and use.

There is a lot to be said about desirability in terms of an expert UX and within website design overall. Creating a website that people enjoy using is a boon – almost guaranteeing return visitors and therefore an increased chance of conversions. While desirable aspects can take the form of a visual look and feel; overall within UX having a fully working and functioning website that does what it is meant to do can be the most desirable element. Users will remember this fondly and know that they can return to your website again to get their needs fulfilled in an easy and pain-free manner.

This can be looked at from two angles – on-site findability and SEO. In terms of on-site findability, it has already been mentioned above that the features that your website offers should be clear and easy to find and use. Likewise your header, footer and menu navigation (if your website design uses these) should have a clear and legible layout, meaning that your website visitors can reach the page and content they need with only two or three clicks / taps. If we look to SEO, if someone is searching for your website particularly on Google (perhaps they can’t recall your website / business name and instead search for what you do with keywords and terms) and they can’t find it, this is an example of inferior findability. Therefore ensuring best fit and best practice SEO for your website in totality enhances this UX element of findability.

By now you will probably see a theme forming when we talk on accessibility. This relates to how your website and all of its content and features should be responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Ideally your website should be accessible to people with impaired abilities such as hearing and vision impairments. This adaption will be very much appreciated by them and it bolsters your website with an inclusivity attribute that is unfortunately not always present with modern website designs. Consider this when we look at website users and visitors as a whole. They each have different needs and striving to fulfil these is an excellent element of expert UX.

All of the above is capped off and buttressed by the element of credibility. Peppering your webpages with client reviews and testimonials showcases that your website claims are credible. As evidenced by your past / existing customers, yours is a business that practices what it preaches. When looking at expert UX credibility from a more technical perspective, it is strongly advised that your website is designed and built with HTTPS. This greatly protects your website visitors as it is the most up-to-date website building method that safeguards against hacks and spyware etc. – a crucial element of credibility if your website is used to process debit / credit cards and payments.

While this six step process outlines the major elements of the Webheads expert UX approach, there are still many eccentricities that combine as a whole to turbocharge your website. Our integrated web team work together to provide you with an on time and on budget service that will have you wondering how much better off your business and business website could have been if you had contacted us and availed of our expert UX service and abilities sooner.