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EAW and Webheads – A Sound Match

Our work on the Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) website was simply music to the ears of all involved. With our previous experience with working in the music industry, it proved to be a sound match as we worked our magic to turbocharge their web presence.

As a proficient and highly technical integrated web team, Webheads are used to working intelligently with specialist technology such as the audio technology that EAW specialise in. Their website had to showcase the uses of their technology and the benefits of choosing it for the sound needs of venues, sporting arenas and stadiums all over the world. Knowing that this technology is quite abstract when talking about its use, we made sure to implement high quality images and videos of it across their custom website design. This meant that from the get go, visitors to the EAW website could visualise exactly what is being talked about.

With EAW having a global reach with their specialist audio technology in venues all over the world, we knew that their website had to pertain to a worldwide audience and focus. As such, we made sure to remove their older and outdated content that was clogging up the backend of the site and dragging down its overall speed and loading times. This really helped to ensure that whoever visited it was treated to a slick and sleek website (that was responsive on both desktop and mobile devices) with quick loading times. Coupled with the clear menu and navigation system, our custom website design made finding the correct content that each visitor wanted a quick and painless process.
Just like with all of our custom website designs, the EAW custom website design was delivered both on time and on budget. It was further turbocharged with the expert user experience (UX) work that we undertook. By assessing both the design of the website and the needs of its target audience and visitors within the areas of usefulness, usability, desirability, findability, accessibility and credibility; it provided for a simply stunning website that exceeds on all fronts.

“Webheads offer a formidable skillset that goes well beyond the typical website agency. From the beginning we were impressed by their ability to get under the skin of our offering, enabling us to develop our content and formulate effective strategies for targeting our global audience at every level.” – Bryn Richards, EAW