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Custom Web Branding – Stand out from the Crowd

Custom web branding is a bespoke service that we offer here at Webheads. This can go hand-in-hand with your custom website design to provide your business with a distinct aesthetic and unique visual appearance online. Custom web branding is not only a great way to differentiate your website from those in a similar industry (i.e. your competitors); but also an excellent device that your customers and clients can use to remember your business.

Custom web branding shows that businesses have taken the time to consider and implement a dedicated visual approach for their brand online. For new visitors to their website, this provides a fresh and exciting space for them to explore (and possibly convert as customers). For returning customers, the distinct and unique branding provides them with a familiar welcome experience of one of their favourite brands online. The custom website we created and custom branding we curated for Happen is a stellar example of this. It features bright pastel colours and a clear, legible white font which provides a nice and breezy interface to read about and digest the vast amount of information in relation to their successful marketing campaigns.

In broad terms, branding encapsulates the visual accents and impact that a combination of fonts, images, graphics, colours, effects and even videos provide. These collective elements form your custom web branding when they are rendered on your website. Here at Webheads, we curate these aspects for you (as per your vision and specifications) to bring your dream vision for how your website looks and feels to life. Looking to use neon colours, flashy graphics and bold fonts for a high impact approach? No problem. Want a lot of free visual space, slow fading graphics and calming music for a zen-like experience? We can make this a reality for you. We don’t simply assemble these features together but rather create and curate them with our team of graphic designers, UX experts and copywriters.

Businesses that utilise a strong branding aesthetic are afforded the luxury of being instantly recognised and connected to certain colours and fonts for example. Take a look at the bespoke website we designed and deployed for Planet Hollywood London. Their iconic flat face, bright red font stands out both their long-standing image and on the high street. Rendered all in capital letters, we used this font style across the banner and header images of their bespoke website. This cohesive and consistent approach means that those who see this font style when going about their daily lives have a strong chance of recalling Planet Hollywood. If they are hungry or planning to book a meal soon – guess what brand is fresh on their mind? With an online booking feature integrated into the website; this is made readily and easily possible.

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