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The Importance of Curating your Website Design

Your website exists to do many beneficial things for your brand and business, but arguably the most important of which is to attract visits (and conversions) from your target audience. As such, curating your website design and the content within it towards them is crucial. It should be customised and curated to meet their expectations, fulfil their needs and convert them into customers of your business. A custom website design from Webheads and the skills of our integrated web team can make all of the above possible. Here is why a curated and custom website design is essential for your business and target audience.

Meeting Expectations
Research into and knowledge about your sector and industry will inform the direction of how curating your website design will work to appeal to your target audience. If for example yours is a beauty business, visitors to your website may expect to see before and after pictures and videos of people using your products and / or services, testimonials and reviews attesting to them and possibly even celebrity and influencer endorsements. Armed with this knowledge, your website can be customised and curated to meet these expectations. With this, your website efforts are primed to maximise traffic and minimise bounce rates as the layout and content you display is what your target audience is looking for, is what they expect and what they respond to.

Fulfilling Needs
While many browse online simply for enjoyment and entertainment, many also are searching for something to fulfil a more pressing need. As we know, eCommerce and online shopping are simply massive elements to online consumption and this is another way of curating your website design so that it does fall behind on this front. Therefore having an online shop built into your website greatly assists in fulfilling the needs of your target audience. The Webheads team are experts in customising, designing and deploying online shops for our clients – for both product and service offerings. We have partnered with major payment gateway systems, such as Braintree, to ensure we continuously create safe, compliant, best fit and best practice online shops for our clients. With this element in place, your website can generate revenue at all times.

Converting Customers
The two aspects touched on above are essential ways of curating your website design, having them in place to convert visitors of your website into customers of your business. Yet going beyond this, you ideally want to convert customers of your business into loyal followers of your brand also. This can be achieved by offering them incentives to buy from you again – whether this be in the form of offering them discount codes into their inbox (via opt-in e-mail marketing), offering an account feature to them so that they can log in to your website for faster transactions, or even promoting a ‘refer a friend’ scheme. Overall however, having a customised and curated website and positive user experience (UX) for your target audience is one of the best drivers that you can have to establish a loyal following and customer base for your business and brand.

An expert web agency working within the custom website design arena for over twenty years, the Webheads integrated web team are poised and primed to design a custom website and curated experience for your target audience and customers. Our expert skills turbocharge your web presence to attract traffic, meet expectations and convert visitors into customers of your business and brand.

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