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Curated Content is Important at Webheads

Curated content is important to us here at Webheads because it is a crucial element to gaining and retaining website visitors. Just like how we design and deploy custom and bespoke websites, it is very important that the content within them is equally optimised to uniquely appeal to target audiences. This means that content should be created and curated with the eventual end-user in mind. What will they respond well too? What will they like to interact with? What will usher them further along the sales funnel? What will help them convert into customers? Consider using the skills of a professional copywriter if your content is struggling to connect with your customers.

Curated content shows those who interact with it that you know what you are talking about (and by extension what you are trying to sell). This fosters a sense of trust between your brand and potential customers. For example, would you moreso trust a brand of pet food that only talked about the flavour of the pet food; or a brand that could both talk about the flavours and the health benefits of the pet food? Distilling expertise into your sales and marketing communications can show that you are a reputable brand who fully understands your industry and the products and/or services that you are selling. Adding this information in subtle but sensible ways within your branding separates you from the less serious and more ‘flash-in-the-pan’ competitors. Your target customers are primed to hear buzzwords in relation to what you are selling as they go online to search for it. Research and incorporate these words and terms to appeal to them.

As a business, you understand that people seek your products or services to fulfil their needs. If somebody feels constant tension in their shoulders, they may Google a local spa to book in for a massage. If someone needs to purchase a birthday present, they may Google terms such as ‘gifts for him’ or ‘mother’s day presents’ to shop online. Your website content should be curated to show how your business can fulfil needs and nothing else. Therefore your spa website should clearly have your types of massages (and benefits and prices of each) displayed clearly with a book online option beside them and your online gift shop should have easy to navigate sections to shop for males, females, fathers, mothers etc. As you can see, curated content is linked very closely to Ux – they are two pieces of the funnel that work towards propelling sales to your business.

Alongside display sections and text, images also play a big part in curated content. This point is very self-explanatory, but crucial nonetheless. On the SERP, if your meta description, title and URL allude to gardening; the connected webpage is expected to feature images such as gardens, shovels, flowers, trees and rakes etc. If it were only to feature images of a gym, swimming pool and weights; this is downright confusing and plainly incorrect (i.e. not curated for the intended consumers). As such, managing expectations has a definite link to curating content for consumers. Consumers expect to logically see certain images and read certain words in relation to what they are searching online for.

The world of curated content blends the creative and the conscious to directly appeal to your consumer cohort. For help effectively reaching them to propel your business forwards, trust the team at Webheads with over twenty years’ worth of experience to their name.

Curated Content