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Creative, Immersive and Responsive – The Webheads Way

Each website we design is fully unique and individual as per the client brief. We specialise in this bespoke approach and utilise custom themes and CMS solutions (both front and backend) to bring the visions of our clients into a tangible reality. With this being said, there are always transparent qualities that we bring to every website design project – these being creative, immersive and responsive qualities.

With thousands (if not millions) of new websites going live every year, it is getting that bit more difficult to stand out from the crowded online marketplace. Not so when you get your website designed by Webheads. Working for international brands and their respective brand presences and advertisments; Happen needed a website that remained true to this creative flux but could also manage the ongoing flux at the same time. We produced a slick and world-class platform for them that displayed both their own creativity and the creativity of the brands they work with. “We engaged with the Webheads team when we realised we’d reached a point in our business growth that we could no longer get away with a home-made web presence. It was time to bring in the professionals. From start to finish, Webheads have kept our brand in focus, understanding who we are and what we offer our clients; taking real care to translate this into realistic concepts and great execution. Never was form leading over function, or the other way around. They always respected our considerations, working swiftly yet never rushed. In short: the best professionals we could have possibly hoped for.” Costas Papaikonomou – Founding Partner at Happen

In tandem with creativity online is that of immersion, hooking your visitor to stay and browse within your website. Not only does this reduce bounce rates, it also increases your chance to make a conversion(s). You do not have to bombard the visitor with flashy content and gimmicks to achieve this however and the website we designed for designer Angus Buchanan highlights this. Known for his sharp eye for detail in the interior design, production design and fashion and set design realms, his ouevre of work provided our web design team with a wealth of content to use across his website. The sheer scope and intrepidness of his work coupled with the layouts and implementation processes we used made for a fully immersive website that the designer loved: “After speaking with numerous web developers it was clear from chatting to JM, that Webheads were the right company. He totally understood my requirements and made it an extremely simple process from start to finish. The Webheads team went way above and beyond to deliver my site and I am absolutely thrilled with it, I really can’t thank them enough. On going support has been fantastic too.” Angus Buchanan

If your website is not responsive, it is arguably not a true online platform for your business. Not only does being responsive relate to ensuring that it works and displays correctly on any device it is accessed on, but also that the elements within it work when interacted with. For example if a visitor clicks/taps on a link and it fails to load or takes too long to do so, this is a weak response from your website which may cause them to leave. This has a negative impact for your business online as you may gain an unfavourable first impression from any potential customers. That is why when we designed the Leisure Pass Group websites, we made absolutely sure that every single element loaded lightning fast and reacted to locational and cultural developments i.e. the opening of a new museum. “The project was a hugely complex one with a content heavy front end and e-commerce platform which had to integrate with a sophisticated back office system which allows us to monitor various digital marketing channels and campaigns we have. All of these elements were custom built by Webheads! The design they produced was very slick, fresh and modern with a really professional feel. The new site has been received well by our customers and we seen 150% growth in sales. Results, Webheads have helped us achieve them. I would definitely recommend them.” Louis Johnson – Online Marketing Manager, Lesiure Pass Group

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